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Motorcycle anti-fall "prescription"
Release date:2019.11.12

Anti-fall prescription #1: "necessary cycling equipment"

Riding a motorcycle is all meat wrapped in iron, cycling equipment is a must, wearing or not wearing cycling equipment when the impact is huge. Small fall, riding equipment can protect you from injury, from pain; Big falls, wearing cycling gear or not, can make the difference between life and death. Other details of equipment selection include whether the gloves fully match the sleeve of the cycling suit to provide complete protection. Are riding boots long enough to protect your ankles? Does your cycling suit have a back? Is the back plate CE certified or just some plastic foam with no protective properties? Are your cycling jeans designed for cycling? Don't underestimate these details, most of the damage is due to the lack of protection from these details.


Anti-fall tip # 2: "choose anti-fall gear"

Motorcycle in low speed non-collision caused by car crash, most of the center of gravity instability, wheels and ground adhesion caused by sudden drop, in addition to the driver's technology and experience, the appropriate model can greatly reduce the probability of car crash, domestic sales models are: street running, prince, pedal, bending beam, cross-country, etc..

In dealing with the anti-straight crash car, the best performance is the pedal, the other difference is not big, because the pedal wheel diameter is small, the pedal wheel rotation speed of the same speed is faster than other cars, according to the centrifugal force F= (mass * speed squared)/rotation radius, the same speed pedal wheel centrifugal force is the largest, conducive to obtain the best stability. There are many factors to consider in dealing with car crash on the bend. First of all, the tires with high adhesion and round edges have good bending performance. The closer the Angle between the front fork and the ground is, the better.

When motorcycle front and rear wheels of gravity ratio is 1:1, the center when wheelbase midpoint, cornering performance is best, slight brake also won't appear the phenomenon of sliding to jilt to the rear of the car head, taizi car front and rear wheels of gravity than generally is 1:3, center of gravity, turn the back brake will slide to the front, like low body bending players so, don't choose vehicles, vehicles advantage lies in the stability of the straight line cruise (small fork Angle with the ground, front axle kind of trailing wheel feeling, just like a kite tail stability).

The best stability is street running, although the cross-country pineapple tire adhesion, but the street runner lying on the fuel tank, the center of gravity is low, stability is better than cross-country, a helmet with a mask, so that you can open your eyes to observe the road situation in the face of strong wind, rain flying sand, crash car must be. As for the bumper and knee pads that work after a crash, they are not in the discussion.


Anti-fall prescription# 3: "prevent parking car falling/prevent external force impact car falling"

Although you haven't fallen on the road, it's possible to be careful and avoid parking in dangerous areas such as construction sites, places with heavy traffic, your car too close to other people's cars to make it difficult for them to get to, exits, etc. Before putting the car to observe the surrounding situation, including the overhead whether there is a worn billboard, the window that may throw objects, and so on, to ensure the safety of the car.

Anti-fall tip # 4: "prevent car crashes on curves"

Curve is the highest accident rate of car, turn to slow down before the turn, hit the direction of the lights, quick curve suddenly brake, will fall. The bend is not stable, have seen the preparation before the bend. Buy a car to want to pay attention to local road condition, straight road is more than curved road, can cruise for a long time, choose prince; Curve road is more than straight road, want to cross the curve addiction, choose the street to run. Road sand, or in front of the car, the slower the better. Be sure to look around before turning at the fork in the road to ensure safety.


Anti-fall tip # 5: "prevent straight car crashes"

The curve fall car belongs to the normal so straight what to prevent? Because China's road situation is complex, even in straight road driving at a constant speed, we should also be vigilant, no matter what kind of car we drive, we should maintain a sense of foresight of driving at a high altitude.

1, for example, at the fork in the road, observe both sides of the car, people and animals, which have the possibility of running out of the lane, if any, as soon as possible brake down, slowly through.

2, and before and after the vehicle to keep a safe distance, especially the car, taxi, minibus, do not stick in their car behind the road. If the car in front stops slowly, keep a distance of two meters when passing it to prevent the other side from suddenly opening the door and getting off, so as not to bump into the other side's open door.

3, but also pay attention to the road conditions, pit, may have sharp objects garbage, sewer cover, sand or watermelon rind and other slippery to slow around.

4, the ground is slippery to low speed, the brake to artificial ABS, that is, do not brake dead, leave some wheel rotation room.

5, often pay attention to the rear view mirror, turn to turn signal, avoid rear-view mirror. Night must open headlights, some people do not open headlights at night to save money, harm others.

6. Don't drive fast at night, there are often some construction pits on the road, abandoned cars without lights, cars parked on the roadside due to faults, etc. The low speed allows you to have enough warning to avoid danger. Don't drive or ride a bike when you are drunk or sleepy or your eyesight drops.