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What is the reason why the motorcycle uphill is boring?
Release date:2019.11.12

Air filter oil filter blocked

      Motorcycle air filter is easy to dirty, because a lot of motorcycle ran in national highway, provincial highway and country dirt road, the local air quality sounds good to me, in fact, because of the dust float in the sky, empty filter is easy to dirty, and also the one who usually ride a motorcycle don't like drive a car then attaches great importance to the maintenance, a lot of use of more than 10000 kilometers did not replace the air filter, then cause a serious shortage of air volume, engine, of course, is not doing work, running speed up, not climb up a small slope.

      In addition to air filter, gasoline filter if blocked, directly resulting in abnormal oil supply, but gasoline filter use time is generally longer, as long as you add gasoline quality can, many are more than 30,000 kilometers of life.

      Most motorcycles do not have oil filter core, but only the filter, if the filter is blocked, will cause abnormal oil lubrication, engine easy to heat damage, generally in the oil change, can be properly checked and cleaned.

The oil supply system is not working properly

In addition to the above mentioned gasoline filter plug caused by the unreasonable oil supply, do not reject the tubing bending or plugging problems occur, you can pull down the tubing to see whether the oil is normal.

Past motorcycle carburetor oil supply, carburetor factory air-fuel ratio has been adjusted, when oil also match the correct needle position, usually don't have to adjust, but does not exclude the use after a long time, or add some oil quality is bad, cause inside the oil out of proportion, you can find some dedicated carburetor cleaner to wash. If the mixing ratio is mixed, the combustion will be not ideal. At this time, the output torque of the engine will be severely reduced, and the exhaust pipe may emit black smoke.

Now is the electric spray car, when the factory is strictly matched with good parameters, consistency is relatively ideal, but do not exclude the exception of a few models. If the new car is not climbing properly, you can find a merchant to help you adjust the matching, or replace a sensor.

Electric fuel injection vehicle has oil pump, nozzle, oxygen sensor, pressure and temperature sensor, as well as throttle position sensor and so on, if there is a broken part inside, or poor performance, at this time the engine working state will be seriously deviated from the normal situation, climbing can not move is a matter of course. Or is used for a long time, the probability of the plug problem is also relatively high, want to think carefully to this side.

In the ignition

Whether the car or carburetor car, there is an ignition system, but the car generally put the ignition unit, integrated into the ECU, external or the same to drive the FBT and spark plug work. If the igniter is used for a long time, the performance of the transistors inside it will decrease, or the capacitance capacity will decrease, which will cause the output power and torque of the engine to decrease, and the engine will be unable to run when climbing hills.

If the spark plug is ablated, it may cause leakage or break of fire, and at this time, it is obviously unable to run, or the phenomenon of jam occurs. Climbing is more of a problem, and the spark plug can be replaced in time to solve the problem.

Although the FBT is less bad, it is more common for the high-pressure cap to be damaged due to high temperature, which can directly cause abnormal ignition. When climbing a steep slope, it is not ideal.

There are some old cars, if the line aging, or damaged, will cause leakage of fire leakage, causing engine control failure, these should be carefully analyzed and found.

Clutch problem

Clutch is the connection between the engine flywheel and transmission power transmission mechanism, it completely rely on the pressure plate and friction disc friction to achieve, if there is a slip between the two, directly cause the wheel torque is insufficient, climbing is not normal.

If the fuel door sees the rear wheels moving slowly and you tap on the brakes, the rear wheels may stop, which is a sign that the clutch has slipped.

You can also put it in gear, try to push the motorcycle around, if you feel very difficult to push, it means the clutch is normal, if it is easy to push, it means there is a slip in the clutch.

That is, the essence of the clutch slip, is the engine speed can go up, but the wheel speed can not go up.

Other engine problems

Some people just to buy a new motorcycle, go to the high speed, although now a lot of joint venture car of good quality, but a motorcycle or car manufacturing level difference, gearing is necessary in the running-in period, high speed, no rejection cause harm to the wear and tear ", cause such problems as lack of engine cylinder pressure, at that time couldn't climb the hill is not surprising.

If the car is used for a long time or the oil is not changed in time, the valve, rocker arm, piston ring, cylinder wall, camshaft and so on inside may be worn out. If the oil is burned, the engine power and power will be seriously reduced, and it is natural that the engine cannot climb uphill.

Improper operation

If the scooter climbing difficulties, there is a tutu sound, this situation is the engine speed is too low caused by, can be on the slope before the throttle a little bit larger, let the speed up the slope again.

If the slope is still in the turning state, the refueling door and a slight touch of the brake are needed to ensure the safety of the low-speed entry, while the throttle can maintain the high engine speed and release the brake at the turn out.