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When motorbike accelerates, do not pull clutch to hang block is how to accomplish?
Release date:2019.11.19

      Want to realize not pull clutch to hang block how to operate?

      First you need to familiar with the car, we assume that your clutch is broken cannot use now, you need to ride a bike to the repair shop, good, now starting, idling, cart, push the car to the second gear idle or higher speed, and then jump to hang a band 2, if you don't cart speed balance or road uneven, then add a little oil immediately, in a little oil instantaneous shift, as for the hang 1 or 2 file depends on the speed at the time, your car is fast you hang a bad control, slow down you hang a second gear directly, good, has now hit the road, second current gear, you need to accelerate, also go to accelerate, Speed can be changed to three or four to lose a little oil, the same drop oil instantaneous shift, and then all such shift, into the gear must lose a little oil to enter, as long as the speed of the reverse gear balance can directly back, when the same way back gear does not hurt the engine. According to my usual operation, it is better not to finish the operation in 0.5 seconds when the oil is put into gear. This will not have abnormal feeling and the shift will be easy. From 0.5 to 1 second, the car will start with the sound of the pit, and it cannot be operated in more than 1 second.


       Last but not least, don't drive fast without a clutch, don't drive at high speed, pull out of gear on the way down the hill using the engine to contain the speed, don't refuel or better yet, don't brake, the brakes will affect the current speed and make the gear not match the speed and you can't easily change gear on the way down the hill. As for parking, you back down from a gear, a gear, including in the way you run all the way, with the brake is no problem, familiar with each gear speed, probably have situation immediately withdraw file brake brake withdraw file again, can not jump, otherwise it is easy to overturn, need a quick withdraw file or parking needs skilled operation, withdrew to a parking, car brake fast stopped not go directly to the brake's death, both feet to the ground to keep the car。