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How many years is the motorcycle scrapped life?
Release date:2019.11.20

One, what is motorcycle scrap standard?

1. Fail to meet the requirements of the national standards on motor vehicle safety technology for in-use vehicles after repair and adjustment;

2. Discharge of pollutants or noise into the atmosphere after repair, adjustment or adoption of control technology, which still fails to meet the relevant requirements of the national standards for in-use vehicles;

3. Failing to obtain the motor vehicle inspection pass mark within three consecutive motor vehicle inspection cycles after the expiration of the inspection term.

(the relevant departments of the people's governments of provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government may, in light of the local actual conditions, formulate regulations stricter than the above service life, provided that the use of full three-wheeled motorcycles shall not be less than 10 years and that of other motorcycles shall not be less than 11 years).

5. The mileage of three-wheeled motorcycles is up to 100,000 kilometers, and the mileage of other motorcycles is up to 120,000 kilometers.


Photo source: ministry of environmental protection

All motorcycles that reach the deadline for scrapping may be fined 1,000 yuan if they are not scrapped, or even detained, but active participation in scrapping can be subsidized accordingly. Scrap policies and subsidies vary from place to place, depending on local policies.

Two,What materials do you need to prepare?

First of all, we need to provide motorcycle license plate, owner id original and copy, driving license copy, vehicle registration certificate, etc., all of these will be handed over to motorcycle recycling point (factory), after staff confirmation, issued recycling certificate, and finally handed over to the local public security organs traffic management department for cancellation procedures!