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Motorcycle ride instability, the wheel yaw, what reason can be caused?
Release date:2019.11.20

      The deviation of the wheel of the motorcycle will affect the stability of driving and increase the damage of the tire and its parts. The deflection of the front wheel will make the vehicle wobble in the direction of instability, poor handling performance, and even cause accidents at high speed. When the rear wheels are off-center, the wheel bumps increase and the tires wear out.

      Causes of wheel deflection mainly include:

      The rim is out of shape. The main reason of missing circle is that there is no alignment and correction of rim spokes for a long time, the tight place missing circle is small, the loose place missing circle is large. Collision is also a cause of missing the circle.

      Wheel hub bearing loose, will also make the wheel deflection. The main reason for loose bearing is the long-term lack of oil lubrication and dry wear, so that the bearing seat side wear at the same time, at this time, the wheel rolling about swing.


     In addition, the rubber anti-wear pad in the hub wear too much, so that the hub axial clearance is too large, when running, make the hub shaking back and forth, will also produce deflection.

      At the same time, tire air loss, even with the inner tube model inner tube repair times excessive accumulation, will also produce vehicle instability. There is another case, is the vehicle had a collision, the entire frame slightly deformed, will also lead to instability.

    The rear wheel of the car was disassembled for inspection, and it was found that the hub bearing was worn and the rubber anti-wear pad was worn. The rear wheel bearing was replaced, and rubber was added on the side of the anti-wear pad to make the axial clearance in line with regulations and the driving returned to normal.