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What are the taboos of large displacement motorcycles?
Release date:2019.11.26

1.A motorcycle, like a car, needs your attention at all times. Did you not find that your car reached a high speed directly after the winter fire went away? This is because there is no hot car caused by the cold weather, motorcycle is also very tsundere, not hot car to go really not desirable.


2. In the cycling process, even the motorcycle with large displacement needs your gentle treatment. Don't twist hard and don't directly reduce the speed to a low level at high speed.

3. You know the car overweight can be what condition, not only cost oil, also reduce the life of the car, each part will be damaged, in fact, motorcycle is the same, even if it is a large displacement motorcycle, also can not afford you to take him as a tractor with ah.

4.It is important to note that the clutch is not a plaything you are holding in your hand. The clutch is in a second or third gear.


5. There is another very important thing, that is the locomotive's "blood", oil, the blood of the people, the body is not healthy. Similarly, the quality of motorcycle oil is too low, the locomotive in the process of driving, is also a kind of torture to the engine, it is likely to directly lead to engine scrap.