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The same motorcycle, add 92 and 95 gasoline big difference?
Release date:2019.11.28

         First of all, to understand the difference between the two brands of gasoline. The most obvious way to think about it is the purity, the purity of 95 is higher than 92. The main difference is in the purity of isooctane. Gasoline 95 is 95 percent isooctane and 5 percent n-heptane, while gasoline 92 is obviously 92 percent isooctane and 8 percent n-heptane. The difference is in the antiknock properties of gasoline, the higher the isooctane, the better the antiknock properties, and the more easily it burns, so 95 is actually less flammable than 92.


       Generally add what gasoline, motorcycle manufacturers will explain clearly in the specification, according to the actual model can be refueling. As long as do not mix with gasoline, do not let the high gasoline model with low gasoline, basically will not affect the engine life, because this is designed by the manufacturer. Each motorcycle engine has its own structure and compression ratio, if you do not understand, simply put multi cylinder engine high compression ratio engine 95 gasoline, as opposed to a single cylinder engine low compression ratio engine 92 gasoline.

        Some older drivers say their own low-compression engines, with higher-grade gasoline, have improved performance and felt more stable. It may be true that a low-grade engine can actually add high-grade gasoline, but there is no real theoretical basis for that. On the contrary, high compression than engine motorcycle, do not add low label gasoline, light noise, performance degradation, temperature too high, serious waiting for the engine failure.

       14.jpgSo, for            the same motorcycle, plus 92 and 95 gasoline big difference? The old driver told everyone the truth, low compression ratio of the difference is not much, high compression ratio must not add, do not mix with gasoline, this is to love the car.