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Can electric spray motorcycle adjust idle speed, if idle speed is not steady how to start?
Release date:2019.11.28

        At present, there are two kinds of electric jet motorcycle systems in China, one is adjustable idle speed, the other is not adjustable. The adjustable idling adjusting screw is installed in the vent next to the throttle body to adjust the size of the idling by adjusting the idling screw to control the air intake.


       The other is not adjustable. It is set by a computer program. If the idling is unstable, it must be the fault of the vehicle. The details are as follows.

1. Mechanical faults: valve leakage, air leakage in the negative pressure tube, oil injector failure, resulting in bad atomization. The mixture is too thin or thick due to a clogged nozzle or an oil leak. Too high oil pressure results in too thick mixture and too low oil pressure results in too thin mixture. Fuel filter blockage, fuel pressure regulator failure, etc.


2. Wrong signals of all sensors (such as throttle position sensor, inlet temperature sensor, inlet pressure sensor, oxygen sensor, etc.). Sensor damage or error signal caused by short circuit or open circuit of sensor. After receiving the wrong signal, the ECU computer was helpless, tangled, struggling and under great pressure, unable to accurately judge the required fuel injection amount under the current working condition, which caused the idling instability.