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Can motorcycle oil be mixed? What harm will it do?
Release date:2019.12.03

(1)Demulsification is reduced

Lube oil originally has good demulsification ability -- contact with water can also be quickly separated from the water, but after mixing the lube oil demulsification ability is not, there is lube oil emulsification phenomenon.

(2)Color change

During use, it is normal for the color and transparency of the oil to change with use. However, the lubricating oil has not been used much before the color changes, transparency decreases, the lubricating oil darkens the phenomenon, should consider whether the introduction of incompatible lubricating oil.

(3)Film strength is affected

Increased wear, temperature, heat, vibration, or noise.

(4)Bubble problem

One of the symptoms of lube incompatibility may be a decrease in the lube's ability to "process" air: in the form of reduced foam resistance, the air in the oil does not escape, and foam increases.

(5)Insoluble matter appears

Flocculent, precipitation of additives, paint film, oil sludge, sediment and oil level drop, leaving dirt layer in the sight mirror or oil tank, etc., and oil filter blockage in advance, all of these may be the by-products of incompatible lubricating oil.

(6)Advanced oxidation of lubricating oil

There are many symptoms of oil oxidation, including a sudden increase in acid value, a sudden change in viscosity, accompanied by sludge, and a sour smell.

(7)Sudden increase in particulate matter

Particulate matter of unknown origin - may be the precipitation of additives or the product of chemical reactions between additives and base oils.

(8)Produce a gel

Some lubricants mix to create a gelatine that sticks to filters, tanks, and mirrors. The result is that the machine does not "eat" enough oil, or even lower oil pressure.

(9)The texture of the oil is uneven

Under normal circumstances, the lubricating oil should be uniform in texture, if the stratification, precipitation, texture is not uniform phenomenon, should consider whether mixed with the incompatible lubricating oil.

So, here reminds everybody, the different brand oil please do not mix, even if is the same brand different grade oil also had better not mix.


Wrong choice of motorcycle oil

1, some car owners in the use of motor oil mistakenly think that a brand of motor oil is a brand of special motor oil, in fact, this is wrong. As long as the grade and viscosity requirements meet your car use requirements, you can buy and use.

2. Use additives at will. Oil itself is made from base oil and additives, so the owner of the car is using a good oil, do not need to add any other additives.

3. The more expensive the oil, the better. The choice of oil should be based on the requirements of the engine to choose, neither need to use too high grade oil on the less demanding engine, also can not use the lower grade oil on the more demanding engine.

4. The more you add, the better. Too little oil will cause engine parts to burn and accelerate the deterioration of the oil. However, if the oil level is too high, it will pass through the piston clearance of the cylinder into the combustion chamber to increase the carbon accumulation in the combustion chamber.