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Motorcycle engine maintenance method
Release date:2019.12.03

Motorcycle engine maintenance error

1. Remove the engine thermostat blindly

If the thermostat is removed blindly due to high engine temperature, the coolant can only carry out large circulation and cannot adjust the cooling intensity, so it is difficult to ensure the engine to work at a more suitable temperature. On the contrary, the engine often works at a low temperature, resulting in the engine power decline, accelerated wear, and increased fuel consumption.

2. The engine temperature is not afraid of high or low

Some people think that the engine temperature when driving is not afraid of high or low. In fact, the engine temperature is also very dangerous. Should be in accordance with the normal temperature specified in the car operating instructions to ensure the service life of the engine.

3. The tighter the pump fan belt, the better

The tighter the belt, the better. Too tight belt will not only make it elongate or break, shorten the service life of the belt, but also will cause too much tension, resulting in deformation and bending of the generator shaft, water pump shaft and early damage to the bearing. General normal belt assembly with a deflection of 10-15mm is appropriate.

4. Engine heats up at idle

When idle speed is used for heating up, due to the low speed, the oil pump cannot press the lubricating oil into the lubrication surface quickly, and the oil pressure is also low, so that the motor parts of the engine work in the state of dry friction or semi-dry friction; Fuel atomization due to low temperature, so that the fuel does not burn into the crankcase, wash out the oil film on the cylinder wall, but also accelerate the wear of parts. So, after a few seconds of engine start, apply fast idling to warm up.

Precautions for maintenance of motorcycle engine

1. The operating environment should be dustproof and windproof. Operation to specification, some motorcycle repair shop overhaul engine is in the outdoor operation, they no matter how much dust, just immersed in change. You do not know, dust mixed with the machine will cause unnecessary abrasive wear, in this environment for the new oil may be dirter than the old oil, overhaul engine must be carried out indoors.

2, the operation should be standardized, the dismantling of the dismantling, should not move do not move. If the CGl25 variable speed CAM and fork are replaced, the left side box of the engine does not need to be opened and the crankshaft does not need to be removed. If the wrong operation will cause unnecessary trouble, not only when the work is delayed, but also may cause poor sealing of the side box.

The prerequisite for fixing an engine is to know it like the back of your hand and to understand the engine parts diagram.

3. It is necessary to clean the engine shell before dismantling. There is a lot of oil and dust accumulation on the engine shell during overhaul. If it is not cleaned in time, these impurities will be mixed into the body during engine disassembly, which will bring unnecessary wear to related parts after installation.

Again, the foreign body falls into the engine, will block the oil channel, and will lead to poor lubrication, resulting in cylinder, shaft, clutch sintering. In addition, the engine shell without cleaning, when closing the box, the foreign body will get stuck in the box body joint, affect the sealing, resulting in oil leakage, oil leakage.

4, clean the engine shell, can also prevent the oil mud covered the bolt, so as to avoid leakage. If chongqing 80 engine box fixing bolts, there are two easy to be covered by mud, if the leakage, forced to remove the box, will damage the engine box.

5, this is also the most important point, must make a good mark, no matter the mature model, or transition model, motorcycle engine variety, different structural characteristics.

When we break down all kinds of engine, should do well in the installation of a variety of accessories tag, some nut thread is the same, but different appearance, should do well, not any installation, because all kinds of nut has a certain torque requirements, various shapes is set after many experiments, has certain scientific basis, if the swap, will affect its fixed effect, trigger a new fault.

If CG125 clutch fixing nut and crankshaft right end oil filter nut internal thread is the same, after the swap can be installed, but they are different in shape, torque is different, clutch fixing nut than crankshaft fixing nut torque is much larger. When we disassemble the engines of models we are not familiar with, such as CB125T, CBR400, etc., we should mark the disassembled parts to prevent misfitting and missing fitting.


Motorcycle engine maintenance tips

1. clean dirt, detoxify yan

Motorcycle must do a good job of cleaning all parts, especially related to the engine parts. Motorcycle work time a long time, inevitably in the cylinder memory accumulation of carbon, carbon accumulation, inevitably lead to engine work rough, heating and other problems. Therefore, the cleaning of engine parts is very important.

2.enhance motivation, supplement nutrition

Motor oil is the power source of the motorcycle, and it has the auxiliary effect of reducing wear and saving energy. Therefore, the addition of oil is to maintain the first premise of motorcycle extraordinary courage.

3. intelligent repair, beautiful regeneration

If your motorcycle has a range of more than 10000km, you should consider repairing it. Because of the long time running and wear, not only reduce the cylinder pressure and sealing, but also shorten the engine life.

4.wear protection, resist aggression

New cars and cars with long driving ranges need anti-wear protection, so that the engine is covered with a layer of safety protection film, effectively resist the damage caused by friction, operation.

If we can insist on doing the above several basic maintenance steps periodically, I believe that your motorcycle will always maintain youth and beauty, for you "light" a lot.