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How to install the motorcycle piston ring?
Release date:2019.12.05

Matters needing attention before piston ring installation

1. Please read the installation instructions carefully before installing the piston ring;

2. Before installing the piston ring, check whether the cylinder and piston are damaged or pulled, and whether the clearance between piston and cylinder is normal;

3. Check the accuracy of piston, cylinder liner, piston ring and other related parts before installing piston ring;

4. Before installing the piston ring, check the piston ring type, specification and clearance of the matching cylinder;

5. Clean piston, cylinder liner and piston ring before installation;

6. Apply appropriate lubricating oil to piston ring and ring groove surface before installation;

7. Please do not install chrome plated piston ring on the chrome plated cylinder liner.

Piston ring installation process

1. Installation sequence: oil ring shall be installed first, then gas ring shall be installed from bottom to top;

2. When installing each ring, do not overextend the piston ring opening (the opening cannot be more than 8 times of the radial thickness T of the ring), and just keep the stiffness inserted into the piston;

3. Install the combined oil ring

A) insert the lining ring (middle bone) into the piston oil ring groove, and note that the opening of the lining ring should not overlap;

B) install the lower steel (scraping) sheet and upper steel sheet, and do not use tools to prop up the openings. As shown in the figure, during installation, first insert one end of the lower steel plate into the ring groove (on the lining ring), and press the port of the steel plate with the master finger, then slide the master finger along the side of the steel plate into the ring groove with the other hand, and then load the upper steel plate in the same way. Do not install the lower and upper steel plates on one side of the lining ring;

C) to avoid possible overlap of liner opening when the piston is pushed into the cylinder, please stagger the opening of the upper and lower steel plates with the connector of liner ring by 90~120 degrees.

D) after installation, gently rotate the combined oil ring by hand, and there should be no stuck phenomenon.


4. Gas ring installation

A) installation with special tools;

B) install two gas rings and one gas ring in turn; do not install the first and the second gas ring upside down;

C) during installation, the side marked (HYR, HY, CSR, TLK, ALS, H, R, etc.) shall be facing up (in the direction of piston head).

D) stagger the openings of the gas rings 180 degrees from each other, and do not place the openings in the direction of the piston pin.


5. Before the piston ring is assembled into the cylinder, adjust the opening position of each ring, as shown in the figure.

Precautions for piston ring use

1. Adjust the ignition time and set the required mixing ratio;

2. After the installation of the new ring, cold running-in shall be carried out according to the provisions;

3. Do not drive at high speed in low gear, and preheat the engine after starting at low temperature;

4. Use prescribed fuel and choose high-quality oil;

5. Keep the engine well ventilated;

6. Keep sufficient oil, water and air;

7, water cooling engine to strictly control the water temperature.