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Do you have any knowledge about burning tiles in motorcycle engines?
Release date:2019.12.05

Characteristics before burning tiles

Engine black smoke, exhaust has a strong blast sound, so that suddenly shut down, cut off the clutch, rotating the crankshaft when the phenomenon of hard or difficult to turn.

Engine burning shingles light axle bush burned, heavy crankshaft distortion, and even pound cylinder accident, causing unnecessary economic losses.


Analysis of burning tile phenomenon and preventive measures

1, burning tile if the use of a sudden, generally belong to the use of the problem.

There are generally the following reasons

Insufficient oil, oil pump can not absorb;

If burning tile phenomenon occurs in winter, there may be water icing in the oil, forced to start the engine oil pump drive shaft torsion or transmission gear teeth;

(3) when changing the oil, the bottom oil plug did not tighten in time or forget to tighten, the oil plug is lost when working, the oil suddenly all missed; Or exposed oil pipe contact with other parts, friction, oil pipe wear leakage, oil loss;

The oil contains impurities, or filter does not work, impurities scratch tile. Especially aluminum base shaft tile is more serious. Once the metal scrap that is scraped down cannot discharge outside oily road, after pressing adhesion is on tile, accumulate to certain time, can burn tile;

(5) cylinder head burst or because the engine high temperature water ring leakage, so that the cooling water into the bottom of the oil;

The engine overload working time is too long, make the oil viscosity drop or deterioration;

(7) the driver does not pay attention to observe the oil pressure gauge or oil indicator, oil pressure reduction was not found.

Preventive measures for the failure of burning tile caused by the above reasons

The use of lubricating oil should be in accordance with the maintenance procedures to choose the appropriate model, and often check the height of the oil level, such as insufficient oil should be added in time;

The temperature is lower when starting to wait for the friction part of the sufficient lubrication, then make the engine running at high speed;

(3) when the engine work to pay attention to the observation of the oil pressure gauge, if the oil pressure is low, should be timely troubleshooting;

Often clean or change the oil filter filter element, to prevent the oil containing metal particles and other impurities into the main oil channel;

In ordinary work to do three: "frequent observation, frequent inspection, frequent maintenance".


2. If the burning tile phenomenon occurs before repair, it is a problem of repair method.

The reasons are as follows

Tile installed in reverse, oil blocked;

(2) oil channel cleaning is not clean, there are impurities;

(3) there are cracks in the main bearing seat;

(4) when assembling, the contact area between the bearing bush and the journal is small;

(5) the primary filter installation is not correct, no filtering effect;

The bending of the crankshaft and

The main bearing seat hole concentricity inspection is not enough, even if the bearing shell clearance are in the allowable range, sometimes some point surface not only no clearance and may exist relative extrusion, friction surface can not form a lubricating oil film.

The following preventive measures can be taken for the above reasons

(1) in the assembly process to be careful operation, pay attention to dredge the lubricating oil channel, and the journal to achieve the specified finish;

(2) when maintaining and cleaning the filter, if found to be scraped off the metal scrap to find out the cause, and timely cleaning and replacement;

(3) after assembly, the contact surface of the journal should reach more than 75% of the total area, and the crankshaft rotation is flexible, if there is any contact, should be scraped;

The maintenance of the lubrication system should meet the technical requirements, start to observe whether the oil pressure is normal, and according to the provisions of the test run, after the test run must change the oil and clean or replace the oil filter filter;

Install the coarse filter when the seal gasket must be pressed.

In addition, the quality of the tile itself is not good and other reasons may also cause engine burning tile, specific problems should be specific analysis, in the use and maintenance should pay attention to the prevention work.