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Motorcycle ran out of gas, will show what characteristics?
Release date:2019.12.10

The alarm light is on. How far can we go?

In fact, this problem, we can find the number from the manual. The general theoretical mileage is 40~50 km.

But be careful, this is only the theoretical mileage, the specific mileage is to depend on your driving conditions and driving habits to decide.


Does a long flash of a gas gauge ruin the car?

Don't worry, the flash on the fuel gauge is just a warning, because the product designers designed the light to remind some people that they don't look at the fuel gauge when they ride, and the 50km range after the gauge is on is also enough to meet the need to find a gas station.

Tank bottom refueling, destroy the pump?

In recent years, there is a saying that the electric oil pump installed in the fuel tank of the electric injection vehicle relies on soaking in the gasoline for cooling. If you wait until the gasoline level is very low before refueling, the oil pump will not be able to dissipate heat normally, resulting in the burning of the oil pump.

It is true that the pump is cooled by fuel, but not by the remaining fuel in the tank, but by the fuel that passes through the pump to the engine.

That is, only when the fuel in the tank runs dry and no fuel passes through the pump can the pump burn down. As long as your car can keep pumping, it won't burn the pump.

You don't have to worry about burning the pump as long as you don't run the oil into your car.

Why not suggest the tank alarm before refueling?

There are two main reasons as follows:

1. In the case of a small amount of oil, intense driving will affect the work of the oil pump due to the large roll of the vehicle.

2. After the fuel volume alarm, you're not sure if you'll be able to find a gas station within the range, especially if you're going into a mountain, on a highway, or in a strange city.

How does the motorcycle suddenly run out of oil?

1. Open the spare fuel tank;

2, if the spare is not available, shake the tank, and then go to still can walk a mile, shake and walk again;

3, find a bottle to borrow oil from passers-by;

4, the most helpless way, to the inside urine point urine, oil will float floating on the top can also walk a few miles, after arriving at the destination, to the bottom of the oil tank switch off the urine water put clean, ha ha!