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Why do some motorcycles have different front and rear tires?
Release date:2019.12.10

Why are the front and rear tires different?

1, the motorcycle is the direction of the frame, if the front wheel is too thick smooth performance will be good point, but the direction will be too heavy, the arm will be unbearable, the motorcycle is directly pull the bibcock to turn. No power, no more powerful magnification, and the car is wheel direction is easier to manipulate. The rear wheel is thickened to prevent slip, increase stability and friction, and brake is good.

2. Small front wheel resistance, which is conducive to driving. Rear wheel large brake friction, brake stability.

3. The rear wheel is the driving wheel and the rear wheel is thick. Stick the area of the ground nature a few larger. This will ensure better grip and less fluttering at high speeds. Of course, none of this is absolute. The rear wheel must not be infinitely thick and the front wheel must not be infinitely thin. Otherwise fuel consumption, quality will also be too high, cause too high cost. So you have to find a balance in the middle.

4. In fact, the rear wheels will turn hard if they are too thick. It's just that the rear wheels cause far less trouble steering than the front wheels. That's why the front wheels are flexible and the rear wheels follow.

5. If the motorcycle can also have power steering, a thicker front wheel is also acceptable.

6. The thick rear wheel reduces friction; the rear wheel is the driving wheel. Because it is rear-drive, it increases friction, accelerates without skidding, and the brakes also help increase passability and stability.

7, not all motorcycles are front wheel thin rear wheel small, front wheel large inertia large stability. Wheel diameter large road through good, small center of gravity in the rear wheel low stability. The off-road type can be larger in front and smaller in back, because the convex concave slope of the front wheel is better. And flat road does not have advantage, feel particularly tired, safety performance also can greatly discount.

8, because the front wheel can improve the ability to pass obstacles, at the same time, the big wheel in the poor road turbulence is lighter, can improve comfort, small rear wheel can reduce the center of gravity, improve stability, and reduce the center of gravity for comfort is also beneficial. So a lot of off-road bikes or pedal cars have this design.


How to judge the condition of a motorcycle by its tires?

Check the tire, should pay attention to the wear of its external pattern and whether the air pressure is normal. General tire pattern shall not be less than 1.6mm, if the pressure is low, it should be inflated according to the regulations.

Wear on both sides of tread: the reason is that the wheel pressure is insufficient for a long time, or the model and size of the tire are not in conformity with the original factory regulations, or the steering parts are loose and make the wheel swing seriously.

The elimination method is: measure the tire pressure and according to the specified pressure value inflation, replace with the original factory requirements of the tire, adjust the steering or bearing width to eliminate wheel swing.

Tread wear in the middle: the reason is the tire pressure is too high for a long time, front and rear wheel braking alone for a long time or use emergency braking too often.

The elimination method is: according to the standard air pressure and adhere to the use of medium speed driving, before braking should be slowed down, and try to avoid emergency braking or use only front and rear brakes.

The tread shows unilateral wear: the reason is the improper height of the support or deformation, the wheel shaft is too loose to make the wheel swing, resulting in a rub on one side of the tire, the tire unilateral partial wear.

The elimination method is: adjust the height of the support and correct its deformation, adjust the bearing clearance to eliminate the too large open momentum of the shaft.

The tread is uneven wear: the reason is that the suspension device produces large open momentum or the wheel is out of circle, the wheel deflection is serious, the rider operates improperly, the wheel often appears the "picture dragon" phenomenon, for a long time in the bad road driving, the shock absorber imbalance or failure.

The elimination method is: check and adjust the suspension device, eliminate its excessive open momentum, repair the wheel, restore the balance of the wheel operation. Should try to choose a better road, and stable handlebars, the correct handling.