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What can cause the motorcycle to be stuck on the road?
Release date:2019.12.12

If the engine stuck in the motorcycle on the way, basically because of the lack of lubrication cylinder cylinder caused by the accident caused by sticking, but in addition to the cylinder there are a lot of reasons can also be caused, motorcycle engine stuck, such as the following.


1.Overrunning clutch excessive wear, motorcycle electric start it mainly by the starter, overrunning clutch, and overrunning clutch it is a single driving force transmission device, if it over-wear stuck, will cause the motorcycle engine can not rotate normally.

This is mainly because the overrunning clutch can not be separated, will drive the starter and engine to rotate together, this situation is very similar to the motorcycle cylinder after the performance, if the motorcycle in the use of sufficient lubricating oil in the case of this phenomenon, is basically overrunning clutch damage caused.

2. Screw falling off, although the probability of screw falling off in the engine is very small, such relatively rare failure will occur in special circumstances, and the most likely place for screw falling off is magneto.

The main reason for the loss of the magneto fastening bolt is directly related to the overuse of the overrunning clutch, and the overrunning clutch has been mentioned before that it is the main component of the electric start, so the vehicle load or cold machine state, must be reasonable use of electric start, otherwise it will cause the magneto fastening bolt loose.

However, when the magneto fastening bolt becomes loose, the friction between the magneto coil and the screw will cause the engine to freeze. Therefore, when the vehicle moves or does not move, it is basically caused by engine screw loosening and falling off.

In addition to the above three reasons, there is a more serious reason is the valve rupture, but this kind of fault is not likely to occur on a two-wheeled motorcycle, usually on a three-wheeled motorcycle, the main reason for the valve rupture and the vehicle load has a direct relationship.

The above several ways is causing engine motorcycle driving card dynamic phenomena is not the main reason, when motorcycle appear this kind of phenomenon, must not forced block, must do a basic judgment, otherwise will only small problem into a big failure, sometimes even lead to engine scrap, so must be careful operation.