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The new battery will lose power soon. Why?
Release date:2019.12.12

The motorcycle battery (battery) is the vehicle's auxiliary power supply, it is mainly responsible for helping the vehicle to start, storage current. Under normal circumstances, a battery can be used for four to five years, but if the use of improper or over discharge, the battery's life will end early, at this time you have to replace a new battery. But after replacing the battery, some models will appear new trouble such as do not save power, low power and so on, so what is the reason for the new battery, this abnormal phenomenon? It's the real dry goods we're going to share today.


The main reasons for this phenomenon are as follows.

1. The tail light is long, which is easy to be ignored by car friends, if the motorcycle tail light is long, it will cause the battery in the state of power loss, and the battery loss will appear no storage, the illusion of low power.

This is because the motorcycle rear lights if normally on charging system produced by the current will be not enough use, this case charging system of current can run directly to the rear lights to consume, rather than into the storage battery, because normally motorcycle rear lights only when using brake and open headlight will light up, not lit for a long time, so long tail lamp light is one of the main causes of battery lost electricity.

2. Arbitrary modification, the electrical components of the motorcycle at the factory are strictly demonstrated, if the later use of arbitrary modification of the headlights, speakers with a heating handle, spotlights, high-power electrical equipment, will cause the battery in the state of deficit.

The main reason here is actually very simple, the capacity of the battery and the performance of the charging system is limited, if you change the original vehicle power equipment, it will increase the load of the charging system and the battery, in the charging performance can not change the premise of the increase of the load will only damage the battery and the charging system.

3. The charging system, if the motorcycle's charging system has a fault, the battery will not be durable, this is mainly because of the damaged performance of the charging system, is unable to meet the battery's charging current requirements. This kind of fault is very likely to happen in the actual maintenance, especially after the replacement of a new battery is very easy to happen this kind of charging system fault.

Through the above introduction can see, the new replacement of the battery is not durable reasons or more, so when replacing the battery, must be a thorough inspection of the vehicle.

First of all, it should be determined whether the motorcycle has been unreasonably modified and equipped with some high-power electrical equipment. Secondly, we should check whether the motorcycle charging system is normal. Generally, the charging voltage of the motorcycle is around 12.5v -- 14.5v. Some models will be higher, but it will never exceed 20V.

As long as the inspection work in place, the later replacement of the battery can reach the normal service life, there will not be no storage, voltage is too low, cold car electric start weak phenomenon.