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Why chain drive instead of shaft drive?
Release date:2019.12.18

The transmission system of motorcycle has two kinds commonly, the motorcycle of type of gear car adopts chain transmission commonly, and the model of pedal series mostly is belt transmission. Different from the motorcycle drive system, the car is the shaft drive system, why not the motorcycle shaft drive? Today's motorcycle class I and you briefly introduce the difference between the two, let you have a deeper understanding of the development of motorcycle transmission system.

For the vast majority of motorcycle chain transmission system, using the shape is similar to the "chain" and "roller wheel gear, its principle and bicycle, bicycle, on the other hand, with the size of the front and rear sprocket on the gearbox output shaft carrying small sprocket, above the back wheel loaded with big sprocket, the number of teeth on the two sprockets than is the level at the end of the reduction ratio. The power of the motorcycle is transferred to the rear wheel through the chain and other secondary deceleration structure to achieve the final deceleration.


The design structure of chain drive has the advantages of simple structure, light weight, low cost, and can easily change the final deceleration ratio by changing the sprocket, so it is adopted by most motorcycles. In addition, the chain can cushion the impact of vehicle acceleration and deceleration, and reduce the distance between the sprockets caused by the fluctuation of the suspension system.

Although the chain drive has many advantages, but also has its own disadvantages, the chain and sprocket need frequent lubrication, the bare chain is easy to get dirty and riding in the rain when the chain oil will be washed off, the need for frequent maintenance of oil, for those who hate tedious, the chain often maintenance needs a patient process.

The shaft drive system USES the shaft and the gear to replace the chain and the sprocket, through the gear on the front of the drive shaft and the gear on the rear wheel bite, transfer the power, because the shaft and the rotation direction of the rear wheel is opposite, so the rotation direction is changed by the vertebral gear 90°. Transmission break USES this method to change the rotation direction. If the engine is placed vertically, there is no need to change the direction because the rotation direction is the same.

Compared with the need for cumbersome chain maintenance chain drive, the use of shaft drive system of vehicles do not need maintenance, its durability is far higher than the chain system, and the noise is very low, but why not use shaft drive system? There are two main reasons. On the one hand, the weight of the vehicle can be 20 to 30 kg higher due to the use of shaft drive; on the other hand, the cost is higher. In the context of focusing on vehicle motion performance and the trend of lightweight vehicles, shaft drive design is rarely used in the market.

Overall both have advantages and disadvantages, in fact, the advantages of the motorcycle shaft drive is greater, but a comprehensive consideration of the economic benefit ratio, the chain drive system is more practical car needs.