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Why do many people change a tire?
Release date:2019.12.18

        Motorcycle to go forward, inevitably can not leave two wheels, motorcycle tires are like shoes, different tires have different functions, but the importance of tires to the car than the importance of shoes for people. As the only part of the motorcycle in contact with the ground, the tires play an important role in the motorcycle, supporting the weight of the whole vehicle while absorbing the impact and cushioning the impact. Today's motorcycle class we will talk about the function of motorcycle tires, why many car friends bought a new car to immediately change the tire?


        In life, the use of motorcycle has different USES for different groups of people, some people regard it as a means of transportation for commuting, some people regard it as the company of leisure and entertainment, and some people regard it as a tool to challenge extreme sports, such as jinkaner, bending, bending and other stunts. But whatever the bike is used for, all this is done with the grip of the tyres on the ground.

       When we look closely at the motorcycle's route, we can see that, centered on the part of the tire that is in contact with the ground, the tire will repeat the process of flattening and restoring its original shape. In the process of acceleration and deceleration, the tires are subject to more friction from the ground. At this time, the ground in contact with the tire and the ground will cause a smile of sliding because of the deformation. The reason is that the friction generated by this small sliding supports the motion of the motorcycle, which is called grip.

       Through the above explanation we can summarize such knowledge, the better grip of the tires can give more support to the vehicle, to ensure that the vehicle can complete more action. Grip on the one hand, influenced by the road, on the other hand, are about the performance of rubber, road conditions for many cyclists cannot choose, the only thing that changes is the performance of the tire and rubber, that is why many cyclists, after buying a new car, the first task is to change grip better, better performance of tire.