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How do I run in my new motorcycle?
Release date:2019.12.18
Notes on motorcycle running in

The surface of the gear, cylinder, piston and ring in the factory motorcycle is a little rough and muddy or dirty things, only after good maintenance and running, can make the surface of the gear become smooth, reduce wear, so let the motorcycle bear too much at the beginning, or drive too fast. The gears in the gearbox will wear out and the life of the motorcycle will be reduced.

New motorcycle running in knowledge

After you get the new car, first check the key components for looseness. Then add gasoline and oil, gasoline label should be high should not be low. The oil had better be in the place that buy a car to choose this car special oil, and had better use the same brand oil all the time, because different oil mix easy to produce precipitation, oil should be added with enough, cannot add more also cannot add less.

After all the preparations have been made, we can start the car and go on our way. Try to change gears as much as possible during the ride. The goal is to get the gears in each gear to fit. Speed should not exceed the speed of each gear, and should not have too much load, try to drive on relatively smooth roads.


The motor's running distance is about 1500 kilometers, the time to change the oil is generally 300KM a time, 500KM a time, the last 1000KM a time, when the bike ride to five or six hundred kilometers can start to climb some steep slope or carry some heavy weight, so as to gradually stimulate the potential of the starting motor, occasionally appropriate to run with 5 speed.

At 1500KM, it is time to replace the air filter and oil filter after sale. At this point, it is better to clean the debris inside the engine once. After 1500KM, the car basically finished running in and out, and we could start to ride normally. It is usually 3000KM to change the oil, 1500km or 2000KM to change the air filter or oil filter element.

Car at the time of start don't start a long press on the switch, such as a dozen not more than 10 seconds and lighter, form the good habit of frequently shift cycling process, make the engine work under the right speed as far as possible, high gear at low engine speed engine combustion is not easy to produce carbon deposit in full, out of the engine maintenance, and check whether the chain less oil.

When we were running in the motorcycle,

You have to pay attention to the way,

Don't be rude,

Lest cause the injury to the motorcycle!