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There are categories not only for motorcycles, but also for motorcycle riders. What category do you fall into?
Release date:2019.12.19

1. Professional driver

Using professional road cars and motorcycles have special events, also has the special drivers of playing, different displacement, a variety of different terrain racing driver, to become a professional game, all the year round on the track speed, like Italian driver rossi, was known as the Monkey King, teenage began to take part in the game, now already 40, to say the motorcycle throughout his lifetime accumulation, but when one of their favorite things if turned professional, may have no you imagination in so good.



Most of electric vehicles, or scooter, this kind of person is supposed to be the most, how many people are buying a motorcycle is entertainment, most of the people for a living, riding a motorcycle so cheap and convenient, some cities may exist limit number, used to work, earn money to feed his family, also has in the countryside but couldn't afford to afford the car, buy a 125 displacement motorcycle instead of walking, running a few is enough.

3. Mountain running for fun

Are generally displacement is bigger car, also don't have much time because of go to work at ordinary times, on the weekend about a few friends, go out to run the mountain, have technology in the press bending, then stopped to see scenery chat, night a gathered in a eat a meal, so much the most beautiful life, buy a suit their own equipment, cycling is the hobby, is entertainment.

4. A long mototrain

Are generally pull the car, the pursuit of comfort, the pursuit of poetry and the distance, literally thousands of kilometres is riding a commonplace, actually this is a let a person admire the courage, all say sichuan-tibet highway is the most beautiful scenery, a group of people goes hand in hand, said go go, enjoy the scenery along the way, the average person can't stand this long distance cycling, not to mention there are waiting to yourself, don't finish the work I've been feeling can long the journey home is mine.

5. Mountain road

Buy an off-road vehicle, the body is generally lighter, take a complete set of protective gear, should have no place that they can't go, have no matter look for a hillside to storm slope, run on muddy dirt road, the pursuit of excitement more bad road more like, just in the ordinary people's eyes may not seem to understand.

6. Drag racing on straight roads

Usually ride a large motorcycle even upgrade, speed up to run the 299125 emissions in their eyes look like a toy, like run until, most not many cars on the road, in the evening go out indulge yourself, in others it doesn't seem that may be, looks so dangerous, pass through your side like a gust of wind.