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After changing the oil for the car, if these problems may be to buy a fake oil!
Release date:2019.12.19

Oil is called the blood of the engine, especially important, a little better oil on a small bottle of hundreds of pieces, let profiteers see the benefits, then introduce the car with poor oil will produce those effects.

1. The noise of the engine with fake oil or poor quality oil will increase. The faster the speed, the louder the sound will be.

2. It will cause automobile cylinder pulling. The reason for this problem is that the high temperature resistance and viscosity of the oil can not meet the requirements of qualified oil.

3. The use of dummy oil will lead to the engine bearing and moving parts wear and tear, thereby reducing the service life of the engine.

4 because the oil does not have any degree of lubrication so will make fuel consumption increase


5. Poor cleaning performance of the oil, can not clean the engine, poor liquidity, will not be able to engine parts on the carbides, sludge and other substances back to the tank, will make the engine carbon, sludge and so on.

6. When engine working, can't be transmitted by bearing lubrication, the load is not buffer, over time, can cause failure, lubricating oil can protect surface of parts, prevent water, air, acid and harmful gas contact with parts, false machine attachment ability is bad, will accelerate the oxidation of metal parts, can also lead to corrosion parts.

So when changing the oil maintenance must pay attention to, otherwise not only can not maintain the role, but also hurt the vehicle.