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Do you know anything about motorcycle transmission systems?
Release date:2019.12.26

Chain transmission

First let's talk about chain drive, the most common motorcycle on the street at present mostly use chain drive. Chain drives are everywhere, from streetcars to sports cars to suvs. In the early models, chain transmission became the preferred transmission mode for most motorcycles on the market due to its high transmission efficiency and relatively low design cost at that time.

The advantage of chain drive lies in its simple structure, which can be applied to a variety of vehicles. The load on the shaft is small and the chain itself is light, so it has a very high transmission efficiency. So pay attention to the performance of the public upgrade sports car and all levels of off-road vehicles will inevitably use chain drive.

Analysis of the shortcomings of chain drive

First: the chain drive is the sound of metal and metal impact, so the noise is slightly higher than the belt drive.

Second: chain drive is only applicable to two parallel shaft, if not parallel shaft, chain drive is not applicable.

Third: the need for frequent maintenance, derusting, spray lubrication fluid, to ensure that the chain is not dead and maintain adequate lubrication.

Belt drive

Secondly, we talk about the most widely used belt drive in the field of scooters. The main reason why scooters choose belt drive is smooth operation, low noise, low installation accuracy, and the sudden load can be eased.

For these reasons, those traditional American cruisers also choose belt drives. However, many refit enthusiasts will change the belt drive to a chain drive, which can extend the life of the drive system and full of retro feelings.

Belt transmission still has some shortcomings, such as large torque output will have the phenomenon of slip, the transmission efficiency is lower than the chain, the service life is much shorter.

So those performance cars don't choose belt drives, because there's a lot of pressure between the belt and the drive shaft, which is more complicated to make than the chain, but relatively easy to maintain later.


Finally, let's look at shaft drive. It is well known that most cars are equipped with a transmission shaft, which is not only efficient but also by far the most reliable.

Many motorcycle transmission system is also shaft drive, BMW motorcycle most models are shaft drive.

There are three reasons for choosing it

First, because power transmission is the most direct, and the failure rate and maintenance costs are low.

Second: it is affected by the arrangement of the engine, the shaft drive can be vertically arranged between the two transmission shaft for power transmission. To make up for the lack of chain drive.

Third: shaft drive can withstand more torque, so many do not pursue the speed of large displacement models will use shaft drive.

Of course, shaft drive also has certain shortcomings, mainly is the drive shaft dead weight is larger, to fuel consumption has a certain increase. But really like this kind of transmission, that increase of a gas consumption and what? You say so!

What kind of gear oil does the motorcycle drive system use?

Some motorcycle transmission system is mixed lubrication, through the oil lubrication; Some motorcycle transmission system has independent lubrication device, at this point with what oil lubrication?

Generally such cases are used gear oil lubrication. For the working conditions of motorcycles, gl-4 85W/90 or gl-5 85W/90 gear oil is generally used, some markets have independent packaging of motorcycle gear oil, some markets are temporarily short, can use the same level of gear oil used by automobiles instead. Generally do not use 85W/140 and 140 high viscosity oil, making it difficult to drive.

Some car owners to save trouble, simply use 4T oil, that is not desirable, mixed lubrication is to simplify the mechanical system and use oil lubrication, and for the gear, to have their own independent lubrication system, it is better to use special gear lubrication, the effect is better.

Finally, I would like to suggest that all the moyou, whether long or short distance travel, regular maintenance of the vehicle, maintenance vehicle parts of the normal lubrication is very necessary, all this is for the safety of riding!