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What do you know about motorcycle refueling?
Release date:2019.12.26

How long will it take to light the fire?

After refueling, the motorcycle must be moved 4.5 meters before starting fire.

According to the regulations in the regulations on fire control safety management of petrol stations, after refueling the motorcycle, the motorcycle shall be pushed 4.5 meters away from the refueling island by manpower before starting. The staff of the gas station should strictly implement this regulation so as to avoid the occurrence of fire as far as possible.

It is understood that sinopec and petrochina have formulated the "management system of petrol stations", which stipulates that all motor vehicles must be turned off for petrol. Motorcycles, light rides, tractors, etc. should be shut off before entering the station and should not be started in the station. However, due to the negligence of many gas stations staff, drivers do not know the situation, this regulation is useless.

Here to provide the owners, summer high temperature is more prone to fire, in order to prevent, please comply with the provisions.


When is a good time to fill up?

It's better to fill up in the morning or evening.

Be careful to avoid filling up in summer when the sun is at noon and the temperature is high, because gasoline is charged by volume, not by weight, and the heat expands and the cold shrinks. When refueling in the morning or evening, the same volume of gasoline can have more mass, saving a lot.

The underground storage tank of the gas station is only at the lowest temperature from 5 a.m. to 8 a.m. (summer) and 5 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. (spring, fall and winter), so refueling is the most appropriate time.

It doesn't matter if there are only two or three cars in front of you and only one person at the gas station runs one machine for refueling, because it is easy to remove impurities from the bottom of the tank if you run two machines or two oil guns at the same time.

What do you need to pay attention to when refueling?

High temperature season, that is, the use of refueling gun gasoline into the oil can, to stop in the special refueling area of the motorcycle refueling, also need to pay attention to a few points.

For example, must choose iron, aluminum and other good conductivity of the oil pot, can not use plastic barrels to do the oil pot, otherwise easy to cause electrostatic reaction, resulting in fire. The oil can also be affected by other static electricity during the process of moving, so the oil operators need to be vigilant.

In addition, direct oil gun to the motorcycle refueling, because the motorcycle fuel tank is generally small, easy to cause gasoline spillage, and motorcycle engine is exposed, therefore, need to be careful to avoid the gasoline dripping in the higher temperature of the engine caused a fire.

During the operation of the motorcycle engine, a considerable part of the exhaust gas is discharged into the exhaust pipe without complete combustion, and there are also more Martian particles.

Due to the high temperature in summer, it is very dangerous for the motorcycle to enter the gas station directly without running out of flame. After filling the oil, if the vehicle is ignited immediately beside the tanker, the spark particles in the exhaust gas of the motorcycle or the spark when ignition will bring great safety risks to the gas station.

Can we get off the bike while we're refueling?

Can't! Remember that! You can't sit on a motorcycle to get gas!

Because the motor of a motorcycle is not the same as that of a car, the motor of a motorcycle is under the fuel tank (generally speaking) the motorcycle will generate static electricity during refueling after stopping. If the oil gun is directly connected to the motorcycle, static electricity will cause an explosion.

So in general the gas station staff are the oil in the tank, you won't let you sat on a motorcycle, so to your personal and the safety of the gas station, individual gas station didn't implement it in accordance with the relevant provisions on your motorcycle fuel tank directly, if an accident consequences not envisaged, the trouble time and life safety is the more important?

Why can't you just refuel your motorcycle?

The motorcycle can not be refueled directly, it needs to be equipped with refueling bucket or kettle refueling.

Here first tell you why the gas station does not directly to the motorcycle refueling, because the motorcycle fuel tank is smaller, the pressure of the tanker is larger, it is easy to make the gasoline spill when refueling. The motorcycle's engine is directly under the fuel tank, and when the gasoline spills, the engine that has just stalled can easily ignite the spilled gasoline and start a fire.

So now the regulations of the operation rules of the petrol station, not directly to the motorcycle refueling, the way to take is to add a petrol station oil can or oil barrel will be added to the oil barrel first, and then by the driver away from the tanker will be added to the petrol barrel in the motorcycle tank.

This operating procedure is for safety reasons, is necessary and very correct, petrol stations do not directly to the motorcycle refueling is the legal basis.

Tip: if you are about to enter the gas station and find a tank car parked on the tank, at this time without saying a word, please turn around and continue to find the next gas station. Because the tanker's replenishment of fuel, which is rising at the bottom of the tank for many years, is likely to add to your tank.