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How do you clean a motorcycle
Release date:2019.12.30
We all know that cars need maintenance after they've been around for a while, and so do our motorcycles. Say the simplest car wash, most of the car friends are sure to think: this oneself with water rinse good! Is this actually the right way to wash your car? Is there any damage to the car? Take everybody's question, tell everybody today when wash a car need to notice a few, hope to be useful to everybody.


1. Avoid washing the car at high temperature

It doesn't take much water to clean a motorcycle, and many owners wash it off with their own water. But when the engine and exhaust pipe in a high temperature state, immediately flush with water, because of the principle of heat expansion and cold contraction, the engine suddenly cooling, parts will occur deformation, damage to the engine is very big. Heat expansion and cold contraction can also damage the oil seals in various parts of the engine, causing the engine to leak oil. It can also cause the chrome coating on the junction between the exhaust pipe and the engine to fall off, leading to rust.

2. Use as little detergent as possible

Many drivers think the cleaner is convenient and clean. In fact, in order to achieve deconfouling effect, many cleaners contain a large number of harmful substances, with a long time, the damage to the car paint is very big, although it looks very clean, but reduced the car paint service life, easy to cause cracking, aging.

3. Some parts should not be rinsed with water

Headlights, handlebars, switches, exhaust pipes, horns, spark plugs, air filters, batteries and other parts had better not flush with water, these parts of the circuit connection, easy to cause a short circuit or leakage. May cause: the light is not bright, the horn is not sounded, dozen not the fire, the power breakdown and so on, had better use the clean cloth to clean these parts.

4. Don't use tire wax

The structure of a car is very different from that of a motorcycle. That leaves a big security hole.

5. Some points should be noted after cleaning the vehicle

Remove the spark plug cap and shake it a few times to get the water out of it, otherwise it will affect the ignition. Next, start the vehicle and idle for 5-10 minutes to drain the water from the exhaust pipe. Then drive for a few minutes or dry in the shade, not in the sun. Finally, the shell can be waxed and the chain should be lubricated again.