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Why doesn't the motorcycle use a drive shaft?
Release date:2019.12.30

       There have been a lot of explanations for this, from people who think the technology is not up to par to people who think it is a problem with cost performance. Today I will tell you the answer to this question, is the answer given by the manufacturer. In fact, if you have observed the circle of motorcycle friends, will know that not all motorcycle is the use of chain drive like some high price high-end motorcycle, with shaft drive, in fact, this has been in front of the answer to visit.


      Because now mainly popular in the market is more environmental protection small power motorcycle, if use the drive shaft, cost will be higher than the economy, also will be lower, and although shaft driving a lot like what the advantages of using cycle is long, not easily infected with besmirch, but its cost is high on the one hand, on the other hand is also one of the most important on the one hand, shaft drive, because of design problems, at the time of high speed produces a torque, which will be very easy to influence the stability of the body, is not suitable for high mechanical, in fact, in the car inside the circle, all of the car, didn't like other cars use shaft driving, Chain drives are used to ensure stability and reduce risk.


        Chain drive, on the other hand, its economic benefits are relatively high, and it has a good shock absorption function, applied to the motorcycle above the effect is very good, and although it is easier to be contaminated with stains, but because the motorcycle is relatively simple, so the chain maintenance, is also easier. So from the practical considerations or from the economic benefits, motorcycle manufacturers are mostly the use of the chain drive, and do not use the shaft.