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How to maintain the motorcycle paint?
Release date:2019.12.30

Maintenance of motorcycle paint skills


1. During driving, the static electricity generated by the friction between the body and the air has a strong adsorption effect on the dust. For this, the motorcycle before and after the use of a timely duster to remove the dust on the car body, as far as possible to reduce the body electrostatic absorption of dust.

2, when washing the car, the engine should be cooled, do not wash the locomotive in the hot sun or high temperature, so as to avoid detergent drying and leaving traces. Wash a vehicle to want to use neuter running water, must not use washing powder, soapy water and catharsis spirit, in case wash the grease in lacquer surface, accelerate lacquer surface ageing.

3, scrub the body to use a clean, soft cloth or sponge, to prevent mixing with metal and sand. When wiping, should follow the direction of the water from top to bottom gently wipe, do not delimit a circle or horizontal wipe.

4, for some special corrosive mark changes (such as asphalt, guano, etc.), to remove in time. To this, must clean with special cleaner, cannot use blade to scratch at will, lest injure lacquer face.

5, in motorcycle maintenance, pay attention not to touch the body paint with greasy hands, do not stick greasy tools or containing organic solvents wipe arranged on the car body, so as not to leave a mark or paint fade prematurely.

6. The motorcycle should be parked in the garage or well-ventilated place when it is not driving for a long time. When temporarily parked, choose a cool place to avoid Sunbeam exposure.

7, to prevent the body paint film for strong impact, knock and scratch. If the paint surface is found to have scars, dents or fall off, should be timely repair.