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How to change motor oil correctly?
Release date:2020.01.02


Preparation tools: gloves, oil sump wrench, oil filter wrench, waste oil container.

Step 1, unscrew the sump and catch the oil in the container.

Step 2: wait for five minutes and use the filter wrench to remove the oil filter.

Special tip: oil must be changed to replace the oil filter.

Step 3: take out the new oil filter, fill it up as much as possible, and put it on the motorcycle engine.

Special tip: this is in order to change the oil in the motorcycle process, let the engine in the shortest time to get the fastest oil lubrication effect.

Step 4: tighten the oil sump screw and add new oil from the oil injection port.

Special tip: according to different types of oil consumption is also different, marked in the engine oil consumption.

Step 5, after the oil, the car is upright, start the engine, run for a minute, observe the oil mirror, oil in the moderate position can be.

Step 6: tighten the oil nozzle screw until the oil is replaced.


Motorcycle oil change notes

1, strictly according to the specification of the brand, grade choose and buy lubricating oil and try to more regular stores or manufacturers directly qiao place to buy. When choosing lubricating oil brand must beware of fake and shoddy, no factory site for packaging, no between, observe the change of oil quality and viscosity, for high quality oil, its color is heavy but not black, touch in the finger twist feel slippery but not acrid, and inferior oil is the opposite. Therefore, the high quality oil can be changed when driving to 2000km; The ones with poor quality can be replaced once every driving lo0Okm; Once the inferior oil is proved, it must be replaced and no longer used.

2. Do not add too much or too little oil. If the amount of oil is too much, it will increase the resistance of the movement of the parts. At the same time, the excessive oil is easy to be connected into the combustion chamber to participate in the combustion, making the combustion slow and incomplete, leading to the engine idle work instability and easy to flameout, slow reaction when accelerating; If the amount of oil is too small, crankcase oil level is too low, the motorcycle in the downhill, over the barrier or emergency braking advice may make the oil filter out of the oil surface, so that the oil pump suction air and can not supply oil, resulting in "" the cylinder" and other serious accidents. The correct oil level should be between the upper and lower limits of the oil gauge (note that the oil gauge should not be screwed into the screw hole).

3, avoid different grades and new and old oil mixed use. Practice has proved that the oil do not mix of different brand, producing area, because of the brand, producing area different, its chemical composition, formula each have differences, after mixing up chemical reaction, lead to the oxidation, seriously affect the lubrication effect, causes engine overheat, speed up the process of wear parts, thus shortening the service life of engine. The grease and gelatine in the old oil will speed up the new oil 50nil an 80nv car, which will take about 3 minutes and 5 minutes to warm up, compared to 5minutes and 10 minutes for an 80nv 125 car, and more than 250ml cars will need more than 10 minutes. The above preheating time should be flexibly controlled according to seasonal changes: generally, winter is slightly longer and summer is slightly shorter. The two-stroke engine is lubricated by oil mist, which is characterized by the pre-mixing and dilution of oil and lubricating oil into the crankcase when the engine is working. Therefore, the specification of crankshaft 150 two-stroke oil has been sold in the market of our country. The oil used above is non-synthetic oil, currently ruan tianlin oxidation deterioration, new and old oil mixture will reduce the use of the oil effect and use time. Therefore, the old oil should be scrapped after the hot car when all light, and then add the selection of new oil.