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Why is the motorcycle horn silent?
Release date:2020.01.06

The reason why the motorcycle horn doesn't sound

1. Power cord broken or short circuit;

2. The horn wiring is loose and can be tightened after inspection;

3. Poor contact of the horn button or large contact resistance. The contact resistance is large, resulting in a large voltage drop, so the voltage at both ends of the horn will decrease, so that the sound is abnormal or the machine is not sound, should remove the button for inspection;

4. The horn magnetic field circle is burned or broken;

5. Horn adjusting screw is loose and should be tightened after adjustment.

6, horn armature clearance is too large or too small;

7, the battery storage capacity is insufficient;

8. Horn contact ablation or poor contact.


The way to check the motorcycle horn

Open the key first, honk the horn button not to sound, turn on the headlight, if the headlight is not on this is the total circuit fault, fault near the battery. If the big light is on. Find the speaker, remove it, and try a new one.

If the new one doesn't ring. Check the horn switch. If the multimeter is not found, a wire can be used to short-circuit the switch connection.

If the horn doesn't go off. Back to the battery again. Remove dirt from the battery pole and reconsolidate. The horn must have sounded by now.

If it does not ring is a short circuit somewhere or plug joint loose, it is not easy to do. You need a multimeter.

Precautions check the circuit be careful of unnecessary short circuits to avoid burning the circuit.

Methods of repairing motorcycle horns

A horn is an audio signal device for a car. In the process of driving the car, the driver according to the needs and regulations issued the necessary sound signal, warning pedestrians and attract the attention of other vehicles, to ensure traffic safety, but also used to urge and transmit signals. When the horn is out of order, the horn should be adjusted in time.

(1) if the speaker does not sound, should first "hit the motor" to verify whether the battery is in good technical condition. When the battery is confirmed to be normal, then check the speaker wire connector, see if there is no loose, off phenomenon.

(2) then, remove the two connector of the horn, remember the positive and negative poles. Connect the removed positive and negative ends to the bulb and press the horn button. At this point, if the light bulb is on, it means the line is clear. Well, the reason the horn doesn't go off is obviously in itself.

It should be pointed out that if the speaker is not faulty, then the problem lies in the blocked line.

(3) for the problem of poor sound quality, the solution is very simple, as long as the screwdriver left and right turn the current adjustment screw can be. At the same time in the twist, hold the horn button, while the twist listen, until the sound is pleasing.