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10 ways to increase the power of a motorcycle, have you learned?
Release date:2020.01.06

1.Increase air intake

Refitting the mushroom head will increase the intake significantly (about 50%), but you may not be able to refuel your car, etc.

This is because the mixture becomes thinner after increasing the intake, the carburetor should be adjusted appropriately according to the vehicle condition. The mixture screw can be fine-tuned to adjust the low speed mixture ratio, and the oil needle can be adjusted to adjust the high speed mixture ratio to make the mixture concentration normal.

2.Modified igniter

General car ignition control Angle is small, the obvious problems is the high speed vibration easily, shivering, the Angle of the modified better large igniter (preferably 0 to 35 degrees full speed control, I now anyway, is not found), and to be nice with spark plugs, it is recommended to use NGK iridium gold or platinum plugs, because iridium plug ignition needle can be done more fine, so sparks will be stronger, of course, also can achieve the goal of more fuel-efficient.

From iridium plug, of course, this work can tell, the effect also didn't have to say, of course, good spark plug can make the combustion more sufficient, the power is, of course, also will increase at the same time, conditional word can be modified at the same time good quality point resistance small high pressure cap and point firewire, such as extreme off-road vehicles such as modified using carbon core of the class, so the effect will be better, high-speed rotating stall can solve problems such as oil.


3.Refit large caliber carburetor

The first is to change the carburetor with a larger diameter, the second is to optimize the main hole of the existing carburetor (increase appropriately), optimize the main oil needle of the carburetor (re-polish the oil supply curve), and finally adjust the mixing ratio to change the large flow air filter. So the engine basically goes, the engine can raise at least 15 to 20 percent of the power, but these are not enough, the transmission ratio has to be changed.

If you have enough money, you can retrofit a large carburetor, but then you have to replace it with something else, which is more expensive. For example, the carburetor of 28 or 30, the price is about 300 yuan, but the effect is perfect, the speed is much faster. The carburetor interface used with it needs to be used better, not cheaper.

4.Modified exhaust system

After refitting exhaust increases intake, exhaust also should make appropriate refit, such ability can let exhaust gas smooth discharge, and do not cause to form bottle strength, specific refit method every car is not quite the same, had better seek professional repair shop to let professional personnel refit.

5.Replace sprockets and chains

The simple method is to change the engine small sprocket a little bigger, generally increase two teeth can, (after the tooth plate is more troublesome), this will reduce your low speed vibration, then is the engine power play normal, speed will also improve, of course, the ability to climb the slope will be reduced.

If change small sprocket to reduce the vibration is not obvious, you can use to change the method of the posterior tooth plate to try, under normal circumstances to replace the posterior tooth plate is smaller than the original car of the effect of six teeth will be significantly better.

If it is shaft drive and oil seal chain model, please ignore, a good chain is to ensure the engine normal play power drive rear wheel important factor!

Chain friction is too serious, insufficient lubrication, the front and rear sprockets are not in a straight line so that the power of the engine can not be normal play, you can choose to work better thickened chain, O seal ring with oil chain is the best chain effect now there are imperfections in the chain please add and correct.

6.Reduced body weight

Keep the odds and ends of your car to a minimum, which will reduce vibration and increase speed accordingly. It's not necessary to fill up the tank if you don't have to go a long way to fill up the tank. If you do, your car will drag a full tank of oil around every day, which will definitely increase the fuel consumption and decrease the speed.

Of course, if the rider's own weight is too fat, can thin down, the speed of the motorcycle is also a certain enhancement, ha ha.

7.The tire pressure should be right

Maintain normal tire pressure, summer time not too big, too dangerous, butt discomfort, but also easy to blow the tire, of course not too small, too small friction is too big, the engine can be difficult to adjust the pressure to the appropriate state is very necessary.

8.Modified large cylinder

Some small displacement of the car if there are conditions and can change the premise, the cylinder increase of course will increase the power, such as 125 to 150 cylinder and so on

Like some cars front tires are relatively thick, such as prince car, can be used slightly smaller, will reduce the friction when driving, will make the acceleration more obvious, speed up.

9.Increase the compression ratio and polish the inlet

There are many ways to increase the compression ratio, such as surfacing of the cylinder head, replacement of the pointed piston, and replacement of the ultra-thin cylinder pad. Among them, change ultra thin in cylinder mat the safest, but the effect also is the worst, suit to have no refit experience of mo you to have a try.

As for the principle of polishing the inlet, the inner wall of the inlet of some domestic small-displacement cars is relatively rough. When the mixture enters the inlet, there will be certain combustible gas attached to the inlet. When the inlet is smooth, fuel efficiency can be improved, thus improving performance and reducing fuel consumption. Polishing the inlet takes time and effort and requires patience!

10.Change the transmission ratio

Transmission ratio can be changed teeth, but the tooth plate to pay attention to a few points, do not be greedy, for example, the motorcycle original car ratio is the first 14 after 45 can first change the back to 42 teeth of the test, if you do not want to test you can refer to the following data.

Cg125 can be tried after the first 17 42 or after the first 15 37(the former is good, if you want to increase the speed can be used after the first 17 39);

Gs125 can be used in the first 15 posterior 42 posterior 13 posterior 38 posterior 14 posterior 42 dental disc assembly;

The ybr125 can be combined with the first 16 and then 45 and then 14 and then 42;

The car on the 250 can be tested in the form of an engine to enlarge the transmission ratio.