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How to extend the life of a motorcycle
Release date:2020.01.06

1.The new car needs running in

New car in use process, must light load, wait until the raised part after grinding, cylinder surface can bear large load, so the cylinder surface service life will be extended.

Although the surface of the cylinder body from the production is very bright, but, from the micro point of view is still uneven, convex part is vulnerable to injury, if this time to bear a larger load, it will make the surface of the cylinder body cause strain.


2.Clean air entering the cylinder block

Air from the air filter into the cylinder, if there is a lot of dust, it will be like abrasive quickly back to the surface of the cylinder wear, so must let the air into the cylinder is very clean.

At present, most domestic motorcycles use paper-core air filter, in order to improve the filtering effect, you can add a layer of foam sponge outside the paper core. Foam sponges must be washed with water once a day to avoid clogging.

3.The surface of the cylinder should be well lubricated

Liquid friction wears away less than dry friction. In order to avoid the generation of dry friction, the lubricating oil cylinder and piston surface should be good adhesion, so as to form liquid friction.

This requires the oil to have the proper viscosity. The viscosity of lubricating oil and temperature, different seasons should be used with different viscosity of lubricating oil.

4.The engine should work with good flexibility

The main cause of engine knock is burning too fast. The shock caused the piston to produce too much impact, striking the cylinder wall causing wear. The reason for burning too fast is that the gasoline grade used does not match the engine compression ratio.

Motorcycle manufacturers require that engines with a high compression ratio should use no. 80 gasoline and a low compression ratio of no. 70 gasoline.

5.Avoid the phenomenon of cylinder sticking

The phenomenon of sticking cylinder is that the piston and the surface of the cylinder block block adhesion. The main reason that produces agglutinate cylinder besides engine lacks lube oil outside, because engine is cooled not good generation overheat namely, make lube oil loses lube action.

To avoid overheating of the engine, on the one hand, to often clean the heat sink cylinder block, so that it has a good heat dissipation conditions; On the other hand, always observe the temperature of the radiator fin. The surface temperature after heat dissipation is generally below 180℃, which can be measured with a surface thermometer.

6.Avoid cold cars

In winter when the car, the lubricating oil in the solidification state, can not play the role of lubrication. This must be preheated.

The method of preheating is to allow the engine to run in idling state for a little longer, wait for the temperature to rise, the oil has been activated to start the vehicle.

7.Avoid carbon accumulation into the cylinder block

There are many carbon deposits in the piston head and cylinder head. When the carbon deposits fall into the cylinder block, the surface of the cylinder block will be scratched and worn. In order to reduce the production of carbon, must use special engine oil.

The car owner should also promptly clean up the accumulation of carbon on the top of the piston in the cylinder head, when the accumulation of carbon is too much, will make the combustion chamber smaller, increase the compression ratio, causing knock.