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If the motorcycle tire pressure is not appropriate, what will happen?
Release date:2020.01.13

The danger of low tire pressure for a long time

Tire pressure is too little for a long time, the contact between the tire and the ground will increase, will produce overheating, so that the service life of the tire will be reduced, whether you will find if your tires for a long time "not enough air", will soon be "bald".

On the other hand, with low tire pressure, the cycling texture will be very poor, and even the handling type will be affected, especially in the corner, the whole car will be thrown out of the feeling, very easy to cause safety risks.

Moreover, the tire pressure low capture area increase, fuel consumption will be larger than normal tire pressure, perhaps many friends feel their car "not enough gas" will become very "big food".


The danger of high tire pressure for a long time

If the tire pressure is too high, the damping run of the tire itself becomes shorter, thus reducing the comfort of driving. In short, if the tire pressure is high, the car will become very bumpy when driving, reducing comfort and easy to cause safety hazards.

On the other hand, the tire pressure is too high, the contact area with the ground is reduced, reducing the due grip of the tire itself, riding in rainy days or bad weather, easy to cause sideslip or even roll over.

Method to determine proper tire pressure

Different types of motorcycle, tire pressure, and the front and rear wheels and single, double driving, the need for different tire pressure, but it is generally not possible to adjust the tire pressure every single or double driving.

A little more professional can be judged according to the barometer and the tire pressure above the tire, for example, for a family motorcycle, cross-riding and bay beam front tires with about 125 displacement are about 2.25 rear tires about 2.75, pedal car front tires are about 2.00 rear tires about 2.50.

Observe the information above the tire, according to the tire specific reference value to pump.

If you're not that professional and you're at home with your own tires, you can use both hands to press the tires, and just 2,3 millimeters is enough for the front wheel to go down 3,4 millimeters.

Motorcycle tire pressure should be checked every once in a while, "less air is added, more air is released", but it is worth noting that winter tire pressure will be reduced, more attention should be paid to whether the tire pressure is enough, and bear in mind that the rear tire tire pressure is higher than the front tire, the front tire tire pressure can be a little less.