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How to reduce motorcycle fuel consumption?
Release date:2020.01.13

Check the tire pressure

Too low tire pressure will increase your car's fuel consumption, too high tire pressure will affect your braking effect. Details: if the tire tire pressure is too low, it will make the ground of the tire increase, increase friction, not only will make the two sides of the tire shoulder wear, but also increase fuel consumption (and tire tire pressure is too low driving, but also lead to tire puncture prime culprit).


Check the chain

Keep it lubricated and adjust the length of the chain to the range specified by the manufacturer. If the chain is not smooth, it is easy to increase fuel consumption.

Check brake system

If the brake calipers have not been cleaned and maintained for a long time, the brake calipers will be slightly "locked", which will cause resistance to your driving.

Shift gears carefully

Shift shift should be timely, shift should not be too early or too late. Generally speaking, can listen to the sound of the engine, must be combined with the tachometer, engine tachometer and vehicle speedometer to be about the same. Throttle too high or engine speed too low will produce high fuel consumption phenomenon.

Check spark plugs

Choose the right calorific value to keep your car in good ignition condition, otherwise the fuel consumption will increase.


Check the accessories

Check the engine and peripheral parts. A well-behaved engine will use less fuel. Clean engine fuel lines, properly adjust valves, clean air filters and throttle (carburetor).

Pay attention to brake frequency

Less braking is not no braking. Slamming on the brakes when necessary is also a must!

When not to brake? For example, the red light ahead, you are still some distance away from the red light!

Loosen the throttle ahead of time, don't hang neutral, take a shift to slip past, come down at last speed light point brake, this is actually a good habit!

Self factor

You have to know that your car's biggest drag comes from you in the seat. You wear tight racing suits and loose-fitting casual clothes, and your car's fuel consumption also varies. There is still a need to lose weight!

Try not to put heavy things

Large bags of luggage add weight and drag to your body, so try to carry as little as possible. The side and tail boxes affect the aerodynamics of the vehicle and add to its weight. Every stop and start on the road increases your gas mileage.

Don't hit the gas without stopping

This point is very important, although the groundless gas will let you have the feeling of a racing driver, but he will pollute our atmosphere, and will let others think you like a rascal, not a racing driver, but also very fuel consumption!

Motorcycle fuel - saving knowledge

1, start, slow start with low speed, do not open the throttle before clutch combination, to clutch half linkage, slowly release clutch, and slowly open the throttle.

2, riding habits, if you like to fierce refueling door or fight start speed, fuel consumption increased, uniform speed driving fuel saving, variable speed driving fuel consumption, refueling door to slowly add, do not force to increase the throttle back to the throttle, so the cost of oil.

3, try to avoid flameout in the process of driving, each start a lot of oil, enough for you to run 200-400 meters.

4, shift, to grasp the timing of the shift, after starting, if the road smooth smooth, need to gradually change to high-grade, high-grade one-third throttle (speed 40-50 km/h, speed 3,500-4200 RPM) the most fuel-efficient driving.

5. Clean the sludge in the chain, front and rear wheel guard plate regularly and irregularly to reduce the resistance and add the chain oil. Especially the sludge in the brakes.

6. Add gas in the morning or evening when the temperature is low. Because the lower the temperature, the greater the specific gravity of the gasoline, the same capacity, there is more oil.

7, the wider the tire cost more oil, the more soft tire cost oil, grasp the performance of good tires also cost oil. It is recommended not to replace ordinary tires with wide tires, bending beam fuel saving, one is light weight, two is narrow tires.

8, speed, generally speaking 40-50 km/h, speed 3500-4200 the most fuel saving, speed too low or too high consumption of fuel, less than 25 km or more than 75 km fuel consumption.

9, other configuration, if you add the rear end box or bumper, fuel consumption will increase, because in addition to increasing the dead weight, but also increased air resistance.

10, tire pressure, if the tire pressure, fuel consumption increased 15%. Fuel consumption and tire pressure is very relevant, usually with a person or tire pressure is slightly insufficient, fuel consumption increased about 15%; If the tire pressure is severely low, or if you're carrying too many people, too much cargo, or too much riding, your motorcycle's fuel consumption will increase significantly.

11,; Air filtration is not clean. I have compared the effect of this on fuel consumption. The previous time you put an empty filter in a pan, you boil it, you clean it, and then you have the same commute, and your gas consumption drops immediately. Air filtration is not clean, not only fuel consumption will be high, power is poor.

12, oil, the appropriate oil is helpful to reduce fuel consumption, winter with dilute point, summer with thick point.

13, concentration ratio, if the concentration ratio is lowered, will save fuel, but the power will decline, adjust the high, fuel consumption increase, power enhancement.

14, driving to be predictable. If you see a red light at a distant intersection, slow down and wait for the green light to turn on before speeding up. This alone can save more than 20% in the city.

15, good vehicle maintenance, maintenance work. If the spark plugs and air filters are properly maintained, they can add up to 10 per cent to a kilo of petrol.