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What error does maintenance exist when motorcycle accumulator?
Release date:2020.01.13

1. The battery charge capacity does not match the engine

If the battery charge capacity and engine don't match, small capacity battery charge, is in the starting resistance is big, the small charge capacity of battery discharge in severe cases, is bound to accelerate active material per unit time and the reaction of sulfuric acid, make the battery temperature rise, plate bending due to overload, which greatly shorten the battery life.

If the battery load capacity is large, although the above problems will not occur, but can not make full use of its active substances, so that the battery economic decline.

2. Maintenance-free battery is not charged for the first time

Due to the difference of technology level, some maintenance-free batteries produced by some manufacturers still lack catalytic circulation device and are still in the state of little maintenance. In order to improve the power supply capacity of the battery, or should be maintenance-free battery 2 ~ 4 hours to charge as well.

3. Ignore the level of electrolyte

Battery electrolyte level should be checked regularly. If the amount of electrolyte is not enough, it will lead to the upper plate and air contact surface vulcanization, reduce the charge capacity of the battery, shorten its service life.

4. Add distilled water at will

Some friends often check the height of the liquid level do not pay attention to distinguish is due to battery shell damage caused by other reasons electrolyte leakage, or normal consumption, add distilled water, is easy to cause battery damage.

In particular, some novice car owners as long as found the electrolyte liquid level is reduced to add distilled water, resulting in a significant reduction in the density of the electrolyte, so that the battery can not work normally.

5. Add electrolyte at will

Some novice friends do not understand the technical performance of the battery, mistaken as long as the addition of electrolyte can restore its working ability.

However, optional addition of electrolyte will lead to the battery electrolyte density continues to increase, which will not only make its internal resistance increase, terminal voltage drop rapidly, but also because of electrolyte viscosity increase, permeability becomes poor, make the battery charge capacity reduced.

Therefore, when the density of battery electrolyte decreases, the battery should be timely supplementary charging, do not arbitrarily add electrolyte.

6. Clean with distilled water before adding electrolyte

It is not necessary to clean the new battery with distilled water before adding electrolyte, which will not only cause the waste of materials and labor, but also infiltrate the distilled water inside the plate, will dilute the electrolyte to reduce the density of the electrolyte, thus affecting the battery efficiency. For the repaired battery, apply electrolyte cleaning before use.

7. The battery is not recharged

Some novice friends, may be because of a long time running in and out of riding, and forget the battery also want to charge, this is actually very affect the battery life.

In order to reduce the active substances on the battery plate in time, reduce the plate vulcanization, increase the battery charge capacity, and extend its service life, the battery should be regularly recharged.

The above is the use of the battery is easy to produce the error, should cause enough attention to everyone, strictly in accordance with the use of battery requirements for operation, to avoid the above error.


Motorcycle battery maintenance tips

Do not press the button for more than 5 seconds each time. If the button cannot be started for several times in a row, check the oil supply system, startup and ignition system.

If starting is difficult, the light is dim and the horn is not loud, power should be added immediately.

Check the liquid LEVEL every 1-3 months. If the liquid LEVEL is LOWER than the LOWER LEVEL, add distilled water to the high LEVEL. Maintenance-free batteries are excluded.

When the motorcycle is not in use for a long time, please replenish the power before you stop using it. Take it off for safekeeping and replenish the power once a month.

As little as possible to add additional electrical products, because of the addition of anti-theft devices and other additional electrical accessories, motorcycle battery life has a certain impact.