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Ride a motorcycle to want to recognize these three inferior accessories.
Release date:2020.01.13

(1) hazards of using inferior reconditioned tires

Poor quality retread tires instantly peeling, resulting in a motorcycle tire slip crash.

How to teach you three ways to tell whether a tire is a retread tire?

1. Look: look at the pattern and color of the tires

Look from grain first, because inferior repair tire processing is not standard, so the groove is relatively shallow, and repair tire usually tire color whole special bright, and regular new tire will not.

2. Look for: find the tire identification

(1) the regular manufacturers of the brand tires, in the motorcycle tires have some raised signs, indicating the type and performance of the tire, printed on the inside of the warranty date, tread anti-skid wear marks clearly visible.

(2) in general, the signs of retreaded tires are mostly re-affixed, scratch these signs with fingernails, can pick off must be retreaded tires.

(3) at the same time, every qualified new tire factory will have a special wear mark, the general tire will be printed on the outside of TWI, or small triangle mark, generally reaching the mark indicates that the tire is more serious, can not be used, must be scrapped. And the inferior tire mark after renovating is workshop oneself affix.

3. Touch: touch the lap position of tread and tread side

First touch to see the tire side, all kinds of signs are complete, each tire manufacturers have forum pattern code signs, to see whether the pattern code and tire pattern corresponding. Secondly, to see whether the tread at the shoulder of the tire and the junction of the tire body is smooth, retread tires are homemade tread bonding on the old tire body, tread and tire side lap is not as smooth as the new tire, tire side has a combination mark.

(2) the hazard of using poor quality spark plugs


Spark plug purchase wading deep, common maintenance shop a spark plug the cheapest ten dollars, better to dozens or even hundreds of pieces, it happened that fool some people on the Internet, still pack mail below $10, broken price.mean-while logo in one year, as a result, many ignorance of the friend is cheated, never showed in this remind you, or a failure to endanger the safety of life!!!!!!

The spark plug works by converting high voltage electricity from the FBT into an electric spark that ignites a mixture of gasoline and air in the engine combustion chamber to start and run the engine properly. In operation, spark plugs are subjected to extremely high voltages (20,000 to 30,000 volts), extremely high temperatures (2,000 to 2,500 degrees Celsius) and high burst pressures (50kg/cm2).

1. The use of poor quality spark plugs will lead to poor materials of the central electrode

The central electrode is not made of special nickel alloy material (there is no embedded copper core inside), which has poor thermal conductivity and is very easy to melt. The melting of the electrode may cause damage to the piston, cylinder and other related parts.

2. Poor quality spark plugs will lead to poor insulation quality

Poor resistance to electrical conductivity (insulation), unable to withstand the ignition of high voltage, prone to leakage, abnormal engine ignition, ignition, vehicle jitter and other faults.

3, the use of poor quality spark plug will lead to poor anti-electromagnetic interference ability

Spark plug internal resistance, can not resist electromagnetic interference, but also produce electromagnetic interference signals.

(3) hazards caused by the use of substandard helmets

For motorcycle riders, the purchase of helmets should not only be cheap, many of the appearance of cheap helmets, in fact, with a variety of waste plastic bags as raw materials to produce. In this way, to protect the motorcycle rider safety helmet, motorcycle riders become a "killer".

Most of you do not know what is the safety standard of "motorcycle occupant helmet", do not know which helmet brand is a trustworthy brand, do not know what kind of helmet is a good helmet, so consumers in the choice of helmet more blindly, not rational enough. Cheap, good-looking and comfortable became the primary criteria for choosing a helmet, rather than putting safety first.

For your own and your family's safety, don't buy and use a bad fake motorcycle helmet. Here are some easy ways to identify motorcycle helmets:

1. The shell shall be made of hard, durable material that can absorb more impact energy; The buffer layer should be made of non-toxic and harmless materials that can absorb more collision energy and cover the head protection area. The liner is made of materials such as absorbing sweat and breathable; Wearing device to ensure the helmet and head contact solid; Goggles are made of materials that meet light transmittance and impact force, with a transmittance of at least 85%.

2. Weight requirements for helmets: full helmet <1.6kg, half helmet <1.3kg, left and right horizontal visual field >105°, upper visual field >7°.

3, the helmet must have a fixed mark, such as product name, production name and address, trademark, product type, product model, specifications, production date, product batch number or number.

4. The helmet is divided into three sizes according to the head circumference: large, medium and small, 580~600mm, 560~580mm, 540~560mm. When choosing a helmet, you must choose the appropriate number according to your head circumference.

5. The helmet should be stopped after a big collision

When choosing helmet still should notice, should left and right hand each pull helmet both sides, next left and right rub the head to go up to wear, when taking off is opposite, after putting on helmet front and back to sway to try, see size whether appropriate, loosen with do not pinch a face, do not sway to be accurate. When weighing helmet weight cannot use hand weigh in hand, correct method is to wear hind to try with the head, if the neck does not feel heavy ok.