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What were some of the things you were afraid to encounter on your journey?
Release date:2020.01.19

Afraid of the noise of cycling

It is not easy to set aside a day to ride a motorcycle, helmet gloves riding clothes, everything is ready, just began to make ten minutes, unexpectedly found the motorcycle has a strange sound, you absolutely the whole person is not good! So, remember to check the motorcycle regularly.


Afraid of the roadside door open

When driving at a high speed, when you pass a car parked on the side of the road, if the door opens suddenly, slap it on the ground.

Meet the Forbidden City

I am not very interested in riding a motorcycle in a big city, so I usually choose to bypass the city. If I can't bypass the city, I will open the navigation and study the suitable route to ride past. When I ride, I will look at the six roads.

You can also ride the bike directly on the front right turn lane, the jiao police coming at you, you can turn right away. General jiao police see you are long-distance motorcycle brigade, also don't how tube you, estimate think motorcycle brigade are poor ghost, ha ha.

Afraid of electric cars in reverse

The most afraid of cycling is not motor vehicles, but electric vehicles! Electric vehicles on the road like a bully, the reverse is more terrible electric vehicles, not only the reverse also like to honk the horn crazy, scared the cyclist can only slow down.

For fear of being stolen

A lot of people have such experience, buy a bottle of water to drink kung fu, out of the motorcycle was stolen! So when you stop, make sure you lock your car or keep it in sight.

Afraid of narrow road car don't you

The most afraid is that the road is obviously very narrow, those who do not turn the light of the overlord car driver to do not you, pressure you, scared you can only let him go first.

Meet a rainy day

Don't wait for the rain to stop, I don't know how long it will last, if it lasts for a few days, it will be too late, go against the rain, in the west, the temperature is lower, put on a raincoat will not be hot uncomfortable. In the southern coastal areas, if the weather is hot and humid, it will be painful (it may be more comfortable to wear protective gear and bare arms, haha, just kidding, just want to have a try).

The motorcycle brigade with two sets of good quality raincoats is better, but a raincoat, standing in the rain, that is no problem; But after riding a motorcycle to run, the rain will be slowly blown into the inside, with a short time, the inside is soaked, put on two body raincoat can avoid this problem, even if the rain break through the outside of the body, to the inside also blocked.

He wore two sets of raincoats in the west and some places in Tibet. In the south, he wore two sets of raincoats in the summer to keep out the rain.

Afraid to break the chain, no tools for the tire

If a person motorcycle brigade, in a radius of one or two kilometers where there is no repair shop broken chain, flat tire, he did not bring tools, how much pain is estimated to only know yourself. So go out mo lu, the most basic tools or must remember to take.

Refueling problem

General navigation device can be installed on the gas station to remind, in strange remote road, every morning before you go to the gas station to fill fuel tank, (not recommended before parking at night come on, easy to lodging after being stolen oil, they don't know, the next day the road suddenly not to) after general in a mountainous area, oil remaining half hour, will pay attention to the gas station and fill up at any time.

If this trip route is too remote, it is recommended to prepare a meter long fine oil pipeline, when the key can stop the car to buy oil.

Big bottles, is a good loading capacity, seal the squeezing effect is good, is another experience, gas stations and remote areas, villages and towns of the fact that there are generally gasoline to sell, but is very expensive, can be emergency, actually most national provincial highway gas stations still enough now, get into the habit of free gas at any time.