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What are some of the most common driving mistakes new motorcycle riders make?
Release date:2020.02.03

1.They don't judge the road

Judging the state of the road is a critical part of cycling. It's important when cycling in towns and cities, where you may have lots of cars, lots of pedestrians, lots of accidents. Especially on a busy urban street, misjudgment can lead you to crash into a vehicle about to change lanes, or a car ready to stop for a lunch, or a roadkill whose life is full of indecision and who doesn't know where to go!

Slow down and see what happens. Most road users give a clue as to what they are about to do, the directional light being the most obvious. When filtering slow-moving traffic car, you will see the car before turning wheel gives a signal, even can see driving is behold, their position in the car also tell what they might do next, you can through the exercise of their way to the driving and driving program to deduction, which will give you reference and make judgments, to take the best way of action. For example, when driving with their directional lights flashing, they may make a sudden turn or brake, which means it's better to stay away from them. If you are about to enter a heavy traffic point, you have a good reason to assess what the surrounding vehicles are doing, where they are, where they are going, and the layout of the route will give you a clue as to what might be going on.

2.Don't understand the roadmap

Don't assume the other person has seen you, and be careful not to take it lightly. Every road killer is unfathomable, capable of bizarre, bizarre ACTS. Keep an eye on him and stay away from him, so you can avoid tragedy in front of your eyes.

Often the easiest mistake to make is not being able to read street signs. General public usually only through the test, when driving test for the traffic rules and road signs is not hard to understand, but the sign for each driver driving on the road, is an indispensable important information, and as time progresses, road sign information will update, so be sure to allow yourself to let public signs on the road with a certain degree of understanding.


3.He thinks he's an old hand

Many people think that as long as I obey the traffic rules, do not violate the rules, do not race, there will be no accidents or feel that their skills have been comparable to the level of a racing driver, any emergency on the road can be solved, I can only say, you are too shallow, my son, this concept is really wrong step silly! There are so many accidents on the road that no amount of good technology can prevent a sudden loss of control.

4.Bad clutch control

Control the clutch gently, remember not too rough, clutch control is every new knight's most painful skill, you need to gently control the clutch, not the clutch lever as a switch as rough operation.

5.Failing to maintain a safe distance

When driving, please keep the distance from the car in front of you at all times. The mastery of safe distance is a driving skill that is easy to be ignored no matter on four or two wheels. Cycling because the distance is shorter, it is recommended to pull at least two seconds away from the car in front of you. Whether driving or cycling, it's not a good habit to get too close to the car in front of you. So leave at least two seconds for dry, four on rainy days is a safe bet, and don't assume the tires will stick to the floor like glue whenever you need them.

6.Emergency brake

Practice over and over again to ensure your mastery of the braking distance. Even with modern technology assisted by ABS, CBS and other technologies, emergency braking will always be an important task for knight. This is not easy, because the moment you stop is usually a panic, but how to reflexively squeeze the right braking force to keep the front and rear wheels from going out of control in a panic is, frankly, too difficult! Therefore, Andrew believed that the novice knight could accelerate at a speed he could control and then brake at a certain place to ensure his mastery of the braking distance.

7.When driving, be a phubber

Many novice knight mistake is most easily bend, most novice rider because nervous or not familiar with vehicle operation, when the road is always staring at the dashboard information, but it is very dangerous, and even some riders will have bowed their heads and slide phone habits, no matter when should ride a bike or drive a car to will focus on road conditions. Keep these common mistakes in mind so you can have a fun and safe driving experience.