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Motorcycle brake is a door technology, there is no way to master, high speed state is easy to roll over
Release date:2020.02.03

A motorcycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that brakes farther and more dangerously than a car at the same speed. Brake seems a very simple action, but many people can't grasp, have rollover accident, my side also occasionally juyou in brake because there is no good control of a wet road surface and fall down, in the face of such a cliche topic, today and share exchange, hope more friends can grasp the brake technology, in the face of emergency things to deal with properly, the safe landing.

In the motorcycle circle, many old masters would like to promote the braking theory of "front 7 back 3" or "front 6 back 4" to the new motorcycle riders. Such a braking theory is the summary of years of racing experience, but for the newcomers, it is too vague, and the real operation is difficult to achieve accurately. License for each driving motorcycle driver's license's friends know, earning the motorcycle driver's license process is very simple, no one will teach you anything about motorcycle use correct operation, in the understanding of the brake is to stay on the surface, and know that it is the brake, but don't know how to correct the brakes, I even if you have seen a lot of, no matter when it is like to use the brake, and, for the former brake basic need not such operations in the process of low speed drive not found to have what problem, once high speeds such operation, the consequences will be severe.


The brake control of motorcycle is divided into front brake and rear brake, the vast majority of motorcycles on the market is the use of disc brake disc, brake more powerful, braking distance is shorter, although many motorcycles have been equipped with ABS system and front and rear linkage brake, but the brake method is applicable to any model. For a motorcycle without ABS braking system, it is easy to squeeze the brake in an emergency state at high speed, resulting in the situation of people turning over.

How to brake properly at high speed?

High speeds motorcycle need to keep enough balance, otherwise easily overturned, encountered a sudden force in the face of high speeds on the brakes, first of all, the accelerator clutch come loose, should make full use of engine braking, must first before using the brake, because the car in front, the grip of the front brake is larger than the brake, the braking efficiency is higher, after high speed under the front brake to knead, will focus on the front wheel, the gravity of the vehicle before the pipe after the press process, after the match brake, if the car is with ABS, facing the emergency situation, then bold knead brake before the end, control the car, as long as the road is flat and level is normal, knead brake will not happen before more vigorously the sideslip.

How do you brake on slippery roads?

Sprinkler car commonly encountered in city, the road is wet a man's, in the path of oil spill, is my nightmare, like the feeling of home-sick once more, in such a slippery road surface, the theory of brake completely does not exist, in my years of driving experience, in the wet pavement under the condition of safety, try not to brake, balance of vehicle position through fast, even to brake, must not be nasty cha, after more than before the brake, the brake on slippery roads safer than before brake, more efficient!

Anyway, brake technology as a learning, need to practice more at ordinary times, find an empty safe road, try different speed under the brake, remember the principle, dry flat road, more than the brake before use, slippery road surface, after more than before the brake, understand their state of the vehicle's performance, grasp the overall strength.