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Motorcycle is opened rarely at ordinary times, the performance is good, after 10 years can discard to deal with only?
Release date:2020.02.03

As a motor vehicle, motorcycle has its own mileage and use time just like the car. In daily life, we discover can have individual car friend love motorcycle, buy a motorcycle to rarely open, it is to ride two laps occasionally, even some local luxury car friend buy a car is pure love, buy collect, for such performance is good, use frequency is very low motorcycle, after 10 years can only scrap? Today small make up on this issue and everyone in detail.

For the use of motorcycles, in fact, a motorcycle as long as there is no major accident, daily maintenance in place, driving more than 10 years without a problem. My father's Honda 125 was bought in the 1990s and has been driving in the countryside for 23 years. It can be said that the manufacturing level of the motorcycle has reached a fairly mature level.


According to the current implementation of the new regulations, the service life of the two-wheeled motorcycle is 10 years, for the performance of good vehicles, can be extended for a maximum of three years, but the delay of three years every half a year to carry out vehicle inspection, inspection can be used normally, reached 13 years mandatory scrap. The other two motorcycle mileage of 100,000 kilometers, reaching this mileage will also be forced to scrap.

For the motorcycle compulsory scrapping years to come, and not scrapped vehicles, once on the road, according to the rules were caught, will face car buckle, fines, serious will be administrative detention penalty, it is not worth it. In addition, I can't buy a new car if there is a scrapped vehicle under my name that has not been disposed of. Last month, a fellow driver bought a car to get the license, and was told that there was a motorcycle under my name that has not been tried for 6 years, so I must be forced to scrap it, otherwise I can't get the license. For such a good vehicle performance, also very new car, because they are not annual review to be scrapped is really a pity, but the rules are there, either implementation, or can not enjoy other rights.

Here with all of you again stressed that the year of careful regulation of the motorcycle, new car every two years, four years of trial, after four years after a year of first instance, if forget year careful, can take off on the three longest cycle, but whose need to pay a fine, insurance and car and off for more than three cycles of motorcycle, and only in accordance with the mandatory scrap processing. Above that car friend is because off audit more than three cycles, but can only scrap.

To sum up, no matter who, motorcycle performance more outstanding, reach the use of mileage or service life, all can only be handled in accordance with the provisions. For the friends who bought a motorcycle, try to use the car, in a limited period of time to play its maximum role.