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What is the performance of the engine pull cylinder in the start?
Release date:2020.02.11

Comprehensive performance of engine pull cylinder

Engine working a growl, piston (ring) is a high-speed motion state, and the internal cylinder needed to maintain a very high pressure to form the explosion, so the piston (ring) on sliding friction and cylinder wall finish fast movement, at the same time can seal up the oil and gas in cylinder mixed explosives, don't let them to reveal full burning, here in addition to the piston ring and cylinder wall to maintain proper alignment, fully close contact, the gap is small enough, even through the oil formation of oil film between the two.

In the event of a cylinder, cylinder wall with the trench, the oil film cannot continue to ensure that the piston can't continue to maintain the original smooth sliding friction of coherent, equivalent to the movement of the piston is no longer a pure on the cylinder axis, and can produce a certain component motion in the vertical direction and force components, the result is the cylinder will be crashing into the cylinder wall, cause of the so-called "knocking" sound, launch a chance to have a sound, sound will be stuffy, vibration increase, idle time can be heard, and idle speed will be obvious instability.


The car is not strong is affirmation, because pull after cylinder, cylinder pressure is insufficient, engine combustion is not sufficient, the output power of engine is insufficient, cause car to run not quickly directly, go up perhaps small slope is difficult.

And there is a leak on the cylinder wall, which directly causes the oil to enter into the cylinder to burn, plus insufficient cylinder pressure, the exhaust pipe will remove blue smoke or black smoke. At the same time, some of the fuel will escape into the crankcase, causing too much pressure inside.

Pulling the cylinder after the car will also be more difficult, because the cylinder pressure is insufficient, the engine is not very good for the initial ignition, because the car parked for a period of time, the lubricating oil back to the bottom of the car, the resistance is relatively large, and the engine accessories temperature is low, plus the cylinder pressure is insufficient, it is not easy to start up. Or the car after the idle shaking, quickly stalled, or run a section of the road after the lack of post broken fire and so on.

Because the combustion is not sufficient, most of the energy is converted into heat rather than mechanical work, so the temperature of the engine will be relatively high, directly causing abnormal water temperature and even after a run of water tank boiling.

Serious pull cylinder, the engine can not start properly, the car can not work at all.

Car use and maintenance in place, pull cylinder can avoid

Although the engine is used for a long time, there will be wear and tear, this is similar to the pull cylinder, to the time to replace, because of long-term friction, will have a certain service life. But inside normal design life limits, produced engine to pull cylinder, often be oneself use to maintain do not pay attention to cause.

If there is a problem with the cooling system, the cooling water temperature is relatively high, and the engine heat is not released in time, which causes the temperature between the piston ring and the cylinder wall to be too high, causing the expansion and deformation of both, and aggravating the friction directly causing the cylinder to be pulled.

Use bad oil, or several different specifications of oil mixed together to use, or lubrication system failure, such as oil leakage, resulting in insufficient lubrication between the cylinder wall and piston ring, direct friction between the metal cylinder.

There is a problem with the quality of the gasoline used, the burning has a lot of debris or carbon, or the air filter and other links have been damaged, some of the dust ran into the cylinder, long-term friction directly scratch.

The car long-term high speed or heavy load work, or after maintenance did not assemble the liner and other accessories, or cylinder quality problems and so on.