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How many gears does the motorcycle start better?
Release date:2020.02.11

The starting clutch is often used

The clutch can disconnect the transmission mechanism and the engine between the power link, start, is a motor and the load between the process of power intersection, so often need to use the clutch to cooperate.


In general, the engine is first neutral with car idling, and wheel over here is the contact with the ground stationary, hang after gear, clutch to slowly contact between the engine and transmission mechanism, can avoid the motorcycle wheel there is a big suddenly by force and dashed forward, to control it with its own interface friction buffer power transmission, reduce the switching between the gear.

If you start at the top of gear 2 or more, because the deceleration ratio is small and the speed is fast, you need to release clutch slowly, the friction time of clutch will be longer, and the loss of clutch will be more.

High-end start most face - saving

Motorcycle as far as possible to avoid high low speed or low speed, high start actual is low speed, in addition to the above said the injury clutch, also let the engine lubrication not guaranteed, the small chain impact speed, but also because of speed fluctuation caused problems such as shift gear wear and tear, and easy to stall, generally not skilled, high-grade light start all over again.

Like high-end start, one is to show off, after all, and ordinary people are not the same operation, this seems to have cycling "technical" content, others start with 1, I use 3 can be, soon can enter the state of high speed, let others "eat dust".

Another kind is lazy, for example, when waiting for the red light, directly turned off the fire, and did not back into neutral gear, green light to come, immediately hold the clutch car, and then directly refueling half clutch walk.

When actually using a car, should develop the habit of flameout after neutral, start from neutral, to 1 gear, slowly up, so as to protect the engine and transmission system is good.

In fact, as long as the operation on the speed and gear with high, first gear start is not slow, because first gear can idle start, such as first gear pull to 600 turn into second gear, behind the car can not catch up with you.

For the novice, can let first gear more than 2000 to change 2 block, to 3000 to turn 3 block, very smooth. On the contrary, if high-end start, has been holding clutch, the left hand is very tired, a little careless car will tilt up or engine out, it may be said that "sharpening the knife not wrong wood workers."

Some special occasions can start high

If meet with rain and snow weather, or broken roads, the friction coefficient between road surface and wheel is very small, this time don't need too big start torque, a start might control the speed is not very good, it's easy to have a wheel skid phenomenon, by this time you can use 2 or 3 file to operation, cooperate with the clutch slowly put, it will easy to start smoothly.

In any case, do not use more than 3 gears to start, or you will only be able to let the car as an acrobatic car to play.