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The motorcycle is old, these are a few ways to give it a new look
Release date:2020.02.11

One, how did the motorcycle rub the car?

Often driving, hashing is very normal, falls or improper driving force, is likely to cause motorcycle lamps, guard board, such as plastic flower, the fracture of the metal, threaded slide wire is more common phenomenon, in these cases, the best solution may be the best use of 103 high strength epoxy resin glue can quickly will the quick fix, both to save money and energy.

1. When repairing the thread thread, clean and clean the aluminum and oil sludge in the thread hole first, then apply the 103 glue evenly on the inner wall of the hole, fix the cylinder head stud family manhole for 2 hours, it can be used normally.

2. The motorcycle's plastic parts such as protective board and lampshades are damaged. It is more convenient and practical to use 103 glue according to the operating instructions. But damage to important parts cannot be repaired in this way, and new parts must be replaced.

Two, motorcycle paint fade how to do?

The reason that causes the motorcycle surface paint to fade has a lot of, for example the purify material in the atmosphere, lampblack, chemical gas and so on, paint surface fade and paint surface oxidation still have some differences, fade color if you can make paint surface to present the color difference of different levels, as common paint surface fade polishing is able to handle. Remember: wash the car often can also alleviate paint fading oh!

Three, how to eliminate the motorcycle shell cracks?

The possibility of cracking the shell is that the bike sprayed with metallic paint and the car re-sprayed with paint will show some extremely fine cracks in the paint. A beginning is a small piece of the first seep seep into a large, if the Lord if not properly incurred! Waxing can prevent this sign.

Four, why the car paint surface oxidation? How?

Very simple truth, car lacquer shines below ultraviolet ray, time is long, lacquer surface can present colour to send dark, colour becomes shallow environment. Encounter the results of the paint surface oxidation, as long as the process of regular coating may be plating crystal on the paint surface stop cover, not only can perhaps reduce the oxidation but also may prevent small scratches.

Five, how to get rid of the old stick on the motorcycle decals?

On the whim of some stickers on the motorcycle body, after the wind and spring rain, sun burst after sun sai, some body decals often become old hair, but you will be difficult to take it off, how to do?

Share a good method: it is to blister the decals with the time of 301min or so, make it wet, then use the drawing eraser dipped in a bit of detergent solution, rub on the decals, after a while, decals and some dirty things are rubbed into a strip fell down. Then rinse the surface of the car with water.


Six, motorcycle fuel tank rust how to deal with?

As we all know, the rust in the fuel tank of the motorcycle is often encountered, if not removed in time may block the oil road, but cleaning up is very troublesome. Find a stick about 30 centimeters long that bends slightly. Stick a magnet at one end and stick it into the bottom of the tank. Repeat this a few times to remove the rust.

The exhaust pipe is also a frequently rusted area, treated the same way as the tank above.

Seven, motorcycle carburetor how to clean for the better?

Motorcycle carburetor in use, the bottom of the carburetor often sediment and water, affecting the normal running of vehicles. Here introduces a kind of don't dismantle the carburetor can clean the tip: oil switch off first, use a screwdriver to loosen carburetor oil drain at the bottom of the screw, the fuel within the carburetor after all light, then open the oil switch, after being have oil flow out, to throttle the root row outside wall tube kept blowing (or use the pump).

At this point, mud, sand and water droplets will be found squirting from the bottom of the carburetor tubing. Repeat this a few times to clean the sediment and water in the carburetor buoy. Then screw the bottom screw tight, the motorcycle can be used normally.

Eight, motorcycle chain rust how to renovate?

Many people wear badly worn chains often change it, in fact, the chain is worn in only one direction. A chain has four directions can be used completely, just open the chain bolt, turn the chain back to reinstall, just as good as the new chain.

When both sides of the inner ring are worn out, you can also turn the chain apart to make the inner ring into the outer ring, so that you can continue to use two new faces. When all four sides of the chain are worn out, it is not too late to replace them.

In either case, take the time to clean the rear sprocket, spray some detergent on the cloth, or if it's dirty, pour it over it, and then carefully brush the chain through the brush. After cleaning, it's time to put on the lubricant, make it clear, we want to put on the lubricant is this part, the two sides of the chain, the side gasket and the chain overlap part, the right hand turn the wheel, first lubricate the inside of the chain a circle.

How to clean and renovate some non-metallic parts?

Motorcycle parts suitable for all kinds of metal parts, also have non-metal parts, and we often encounter some non-metal parts need to clean. These parts can not be used to clean the metal parts of kerosene, diesel, gasoline and metal cleaning agent to clean, otherwise, will cause deterioration and failure, according to the parts of the material to determine the cleaning method:

1. Rubber parts shall be cleaned with alcohol.

2. Parts made of styrofoam shall be washed with washing powder or soapy water.

3, leather parts should not be washed with any cleaning fluid, wipe with a cloth can.

4, paper parts can not be washed with water, the application of brush brush, or in kerosene, diesel oil cleaning.

5, clutch friction disc, brake shoe friction disc can not be cleaned with kerosene, diesel, alkali solution, the application of gasoline scrub.

Ten. How to remove rust on motorcycle surface?

Appearance affects the vision, and the electroplating parts on the motorcycle because of wear or by rain erosion, there will be different degrees of corrosion, serious rust, both affect the appearance and damage parts, can be a kind of non-corrosion coating removal method.

First will ammonium acetate (white powder crystal, chemical stores sold) into the same amount of clear water, until it fully dissolved after heating to 70℃, with a soft cloth dipped in the foot solution to scrub the corrosion site, until the rust disappeared, and then with a dry cloth to wipe the residual solution, the electroplating is bright as before.

How to maintain the electroplating parts?

Electrodeposits are mostly corrosive solutions that are stable in organic acids and maintain their luster for a long time. However, the following cases will make the electroplating corrosion, need to pay attention to and take measures to protect.

1, for the plastic electroplating parts of the wipe, can only use a soft cloth dipped in water (warm water) to wipe, can not dip in the oil to wipe, because that will destroy the coating of plastic electroplating parts.

2, for exhaust pipe, fender, car rim such plating, can not use wire brush dirt, because the wire brush brush will scratch the surface of the coating. Apply clean water to loosen the dirt and then wipe it according to the above method. If true bubble does not loosen application woodiness bar carries on descaling gently.

3. Avoid contact with salt, hydrochloric acid, bittern and other substances. Because the coating is easily soluble in the above substances, so to avoid contact with 84 disinfectant, bleach, toilet cleaning and other substances.

4. Do not store the motorcycle in a place with gas, coal stove and soot. This is because carbon monoxide (CO) causes the coating to produce gray-black mesh cracks and rust.

5, for the car bar on the galvanized surface, because of the surface of a dark gray alkaline zinc carbonate film, can effectively prevent the internal metal corrosion, so pay attention not to wipe the dark gray galvanized surface, polishing, can wipe some neutral oil to protect.

6, pay attention to wipe the method. Usually in a week only on the motorcycle electroplating wipe neutral oil, such as sewing machine oil. Pay attention to each time the oil should be used to wipe the grime with a soft cloth; After driving on rainy days, clean the dirt with clean water first. Then wipe with a soft cloth, finally dip in the oil wipe. Do not rub the oil against the paint and the tires, to prevent paint loss and tire aging. If the meter and other coating internal water mist, should be dried with a hair dryer before wiping.