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Motorcycle anti - fall "good prescription", package cure 100 fall
Release date:2020.02.11

1. "essential cycling equipment"

Motorcycle riding is all meat and iron, riding equipment is a must, wear or not wear riding equipment in the fall of the impact is huge. Small falls, riding equipment can protect you from injury and pain; The big fall, whether or not to wear cycling equipment is the difference between life and death. Other details of equipment selection that need to be noted include, will the gloves be able to completely overlap with the sleeves of the riding suit to provide complete protection? Are riding boots long enough to protect the ankle? Does your bike suit have a back? Is the back panel CE - certified or just some foam with no protection? Are you wearing jeans designed for cycling? Don't underestimate these details, most of the damage is caused by the lack of protection of these details.

 2: "choose anti-crash equipment"

In addition to the driver's technology and experience, the appropriate model can greatly reduce the probability of falling, the domestic models sold are: street running, prince, pedal, curved beam, off-road, etc.

In dealing with the car with the best performance is the pedal, the other difference is not big, because the pedal wheel diameter is small, the pedal wheel speed of the same speed is faster than other cars, according to the centrifugal force F= (mass * speed squared)/rotation radius, the centrifugal force of the pedal wheel at the same speed is the largest, is conducive to the best stability. In dealing with car crash on corners, many factors to consider, first of all, high adhesion, round wheel tire bending performance, the closer the front fork and the ground Angle is the better, prince car fork and the ground Angle is small, the tire is easy to sideslip.

When motorcycle front and rear wheels of gravity ratio is 1:1, the center when wheelbase midpoint, cornering performance is best, slight brake also won't appear the phenomenon of sliding to jilt to the rear of the car head, taizi car front and rear wheels of gravity than generally is 1:3, center of gravity, turn the back brake will slide to the front, like low body bending players so, don't choose vehicles, vehicles advantage lies in the stability of the straight line cruise (small fork Angle with the ground, front axle kind of trailing wheel feeling, just like a kite tail stability).

The best stability over the bend is street running, although the cross-country pineapple tire adhesion, but the street runners lie on the fuel tank, low center of gravity, better stability than cross-country, a helmet with a mask, let you in the face of strong winds, rain flying sand can also keep your eyes open to observe the road conditions, the necessary to prevent car fall. As for bumper, kneecap is to fall after the car is effective, beyond the scope of the discussion.

3. Crash prevention: "crash prevention/crash prevention"

Although you have never fallen down a car on the road, it can be avoided if you are careful to park your car in a dangerous area such as a construction site, where there is a lot of traffic, where your car is too close to someone else's car to make it difficult for them to get it, at the entrance, etc. Before putting the car, you should observe the surrounding conditions comprehensively, including whether there are old billboards overhead, Windows that may throw things, etc., to ensure the safety of your car.


4. "prevent car from falling on corners"

Car crash is the highest accident rate, before turning to slow down, play the direction of the light, fast corner suddenly brake, will fall. The turn is not stable, I have seen the preparation before the turn. To buy a car to pay attention to the local road conditions, more straight than detours, can cruise for a long time, choose prince; Curve more than straight road, want to pressure bend addiction, choose the street run. If there is sand on the road, or if there is a car ahead, the slower the speed, the better. Always look around before you turn a fork in the road to ensure safety.

5. "straight line crash prevention"

It's normal to fall on the corners so what should we do on the straight? Because of the complexity of China's roads, even if you drive at a constant speed on a straight road, you need to be on your guard.

1. For example, at a fork in the road, observe which cars, people and animals on either side have the potential to run into the lane.

2. Keep a safe distance from vehicles running before and after, especially from taxis, taxis and minibuses. Do not drive behind them. If the car in front of you comes to a slow stop, keep a two-meter distance between you and the other car to prevent your partner from opening the door and getting out of the car.

3, but also pay attention to the road conditions, large pits, may have sharp objects of garbage, sewer covers, sand or watermelon peel slippery to slow down and detour.

4, the ground wet to low speed, brake to manual ABS, that is, do not brake dead, leave some room for wheel rotation.

5, often pay attention to the rearview mirror, turn to turn signal, to avoid rear-end collision. Must turn on the headlights at night, some people do not turn on the headlights at night to save money, harm people harm themselves.

6. Don't drag your car at night. There are often construction pits, cars scrapped without lights, and cars parked on the roadside due to faults. Don't drive or ride when you are drunk or sleepy or your eyesight suddenly drops.

How to upright the motorcycle after falling down?

Don't think riding a motorcycle is as easy as picking up rocks. If you're backing out in an emergency, whether you fall or jump, you need to make sure you're healthy first. If there is no problem with "people", then the next step is to hold the car.

First step: turn off the heat! And keep the vehicle in gear. Push the handlebars in the reversing direction -- if the vehicle is reversing to the left, push the handlebars to the left. If it leads to the right, the side brace should be lowered first.

Step 2: press your hips against the center of the seat cushion.

Step 3: squat down and reach for handlebars. Use your hands to hold the lower handlebars - if the vehicle is reversing to the left, use your right hand to hold the left handlebars.

Step 4: use the other hand to grab the seat cushion under the frame, or other strong place, should choose the lowest possible position.

Step 5: bring your legs together. Look up (this helps straighten your back to avoid injury). Then, the legs and hips of the force, slowly step back, will reverse the roof.

How to help the correct row motorcycle?

For the big row motorcycle novice, lifting up to 200 kg of the big guy is a physical work, but also technical live. Today I'm going to show you how to hold a row of motorcycles, but hopefully you won't have a chance to use them.

When holding the car, the handlebar is the most important stress point, and the passenger handrail can also be used as the stress point. Dragging other parts of the body may cause damage, and it is not convenient to apply force. The two-handed handgrip method is suitable for all heavy locomotives and is also the most labor-saving and easily controlled method. The most important thing is to make sure the environment is safe, and then pick up the car when it is safe. Be patient and don't make mistakes just because you want to get your car up as soon as possible. Since the car is upside down, how to get up as soon as possible is also upside down, right? Squat on the ground with both hands firmly on the side handle, and try to twist away from the side of the tank, ready to stand up. Because the center of gravity is in the position of the engine, the fulcrum is in the tire, and the power point is the handlebar, the farther the power point is from the engine, the more obvious the leverage effect is, and the more effort is saved.

Need to pay attention to is to use the legs to send force, not hand force and waist force, but the waist of the human body fragile place. Lock your arms and stand with your legs. Note that you are not lifting the car, so lean forward so that the weight is supported by the tires as soon as possible and push back to the vertical position. Don't move fast, slow and steady. If at first you don't succeed, try again after a break and keep your waist straight.

Finally, since car crashes are sometimes inevitable, you need to keep your good manners and protect your and your car's "face."