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Can I use motor oil for my motorcycle?
Release date:2020.02.18

In the impression of the public, the automobile is a bigger project than the motorcycle, the automobile engine manufacturing technology is also relatively higher, so it should be higher oil requirements. So, when high standards of oil are used in low demand engines, is that ok? Not so.

First of all, in terms of the "engine" of motorcycle and car, there is no distinction between high and low, their manufacturing technology requires a high level. Second, because the motorcycle has less space, the powertrain is highly concentrated and in some ways more complex. What's more, the daily operating conditions of motorcycles are worse than those of cars. So generally speaking, the motor oil used for motorcycles is more "advanced".


Let's start with structure. In a four-stroke motorcycle, the engine, wet clutch and gearbox are all mounted in the same unit, so all three parts use the same type of oil. In a car, by contrast, it is obvious that the engine, gearbox and clutch are separate, and that the lubricating oil used for each part is designed for the mechanical structure and unique working conditions of the part. Therefore, the biggest risk of motor oil on the motorcycle comes from the motorcycle clutch, it is easy to slip, in the road clutch slip, there are certain safety hidden dangers, more dangerous.

In terms of volumetric efficiency, a motorcycle's volumetric efficiency (the output horsepower of the engine divided by the displacement) is much higher than that of a car, which means that the motor oil used in a motorcycle is subject to higher temperatures and pressures.

The difference in operating conditions is even greater.

First, the motorcycle speed to be higher

The engine speed of motorcycle is obviously higher than that of automobile. Generally, the speed of 60KM/H will reach 6000 RPM, and 8000 RPM is more conventional operation. However, only some performance cars with high rotation characteristics can achieve this speed. The high speed of motorcycle determines that its internal components need to bear greater operating pressure, so the performance of motorcycle oil in lubrication, shear resistance, etc. is more important, and reduce the high speed operation may produce foaming reaction.

Second, the engine temperature should be higher

Since the compression ratio of motorcycle engines is higher than that of automobile engines, the operating temperature of motorcycle engines is higher. Secondly, in terms of engine cooling, most motorcycles still rely on air cooling, which means the cooling effect will be worse, and if you are in traffic jam for a long time, there is no wind, let alone cooling. In addition to having water tanks for cooling, many cars have independent oil radiators. Therefore, compared to the motorcycle engine itself operating temperature is high, heat dissipation is poor, which requires the use of motorcycle oil must have better resistance to high temperature.

Three, the oil's working range should be larger

Lubrication, corrosion prevention, rust prevention, cooling, anti-wear shock absorption, is the car and motorcycle oil together, but in the degree of action, the extent of the motorcycle is much larger. The above mentioned motorcycle and car engine structure is different, so the motorcycle oil also has a role is not to let the motorcycle non-asbestos clutch slip