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What is the reason for the increase in motorcycle engine oil?
Release date:2020.02.18

     Motorcycle carburetor under normal circumstances, it is a connecting device engine how much fuel it will automatically make up how much fuel consumption, but when it fails this function will disappear, into the carburetor fuel will be uncontrolled, if at this time just the carburetor oil pipe plugging, below into the carburetor of excess fuel will pass into the engine cylinder body and lubricating oil are mixed together, so the engine will appear the phenomenon of oil increased.


      And this kind of phenomenon will occur after vehicle flameout, generally even occur on the premise of no symptoms, such as clearly put the car on the first day on the second day you will find the oil increased, and the vehicle may not start at this time, only the owner will not rise in the oil and engine starting difficulty together, so we can feel that this failure is very puzzling. And careful drivers will find that the fuel in the tank has been a lot less, or even may have no but do not think that someone stole your fuel only fuel has quietly moved from the tank to the engine.

    When such a fault occurs, it can be eliminated by cleaning the carburetor and making proper adjustments, and the added oil must be replaced otherwise it will not lubricate at all and will only aggravate engine wear. And the way to prevent this kind of failure is also very simple, as long as the carburetor waste oil pipe to keep open, when the vehicle is not using to turn off the fuel switch can be.