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How do you shift gears more smoothly on a motorcycle?
Release date:2020.02.25

The shift of the motorcycle is actually more exquisite, if the operation is not reasonable, even if the performance of the vehicle very awesome, there will be a significant bump especially in the process of gear.

The main reason for the sudden bump is the mismatch between engine speed and speed. As long as we try to keep these two speeds in a reasonable range, the motorcycle will run smoothly.

And the best way is actually reasonable use of the clutch, with the throttle, according to the vehicle real time speed, the appropriate gear shift.


The foundation that USES clutch reasonably is, want to grasp the performance of the vehicle adequately, because every motorcycle its clutch access point, gear transmission ratio is to have difference, and this kind of feeling can be a real car to experience only.

After you have done enough work on your vehicle, it is actually quite easy to operate. For example, by listening to the sound during driving, you can tell whether the current vehicle needs to change gear, and the movement of changing gear will be more smooth.

But for entry-level drivers, it can take a while to feel, so there's a relatively simple way to minimize the frustration of shifting gears.

Its specific practice is the vehicle shift process, throttle must be loose to the end, clutch must be all pinched, and the speed and engine speed to keep the same basic, then you can shift, this action must be one breath.

Here the most difficult thing to do is to ensure that the speed and engine speed is basically the same, fortunately here is also a skill, if the appropriate speed before the shift, and then after the completion of the shift movement slightly slow the release of the clutch time, in the driving process will be effectively avoided, because of the shift produced by the sense of dune.

This operation, there are two key points in advance speed, delay clutch release time, accelerate the cyclists are doing so ahead of time, but before driving method, here will emphasize the clutch rapidly, but according to knight share personal experience, slow down a little bit about the clutch release time, to avoid this kind of phenomenon is very useful.

Here it is worth noting that the delay the time of the clutch release, not allow you to separate the clutch and a half, but all separation allow vehicles glide distance, secondly also conveniently to refuel door while out on the clutch, such operations need to practice a few times more, can realize the hang of it, and this kind of operation for beginners or useful, and the existence of the old drivers can ignore it.

As for the vehicle down the process of the frustration, the main and unreasonable operation has a direct relationship, for this phenomenon can only go to practice, try to keep the speed and speed consistent, and there is no riding experience to share, because it is caused by the wrong operation.