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What is the appropriate speed for a long-distance motorcycle trip?
Release date:2020.02.25

      In fact, the long-distance bike ride focuses on the cycling process rather than the cycling results, and the so-called cycling process is to appreciate the beautiful scenery around, which is the essential difference between long-distance bike ride and long-distance bike ride.

     How many kilometers a day should a long-distance motorcycle trip cover? Many people's answer is 200-300km. In fact, in combination with this mileage, it is ok to control the speed at around 60km during the whole motorcycle riding process. There is no need to run like a horse.

      According to the calculation of 60km per hour, a cycling plan of 300km can be completed in five hours a day, and two and a half hours in each afternoon can meet the cycling requirements of the day. The time left is relatively abundant, and no matter it is a short stay or a proper rest, it will not affect the cycling plan of the day. Therefore, it is reasonable to control the average speed of long-distance motorcycle travel at 60km.


      The average speed of 60km/h, in addition to being consistent with the daily planned journey, has several other benefits, such as driving safety and the vehicle's fuel performance.

      First of all, the speed of 60km per hour is just right for a motorcycle. It is the economic speed of most motorcycles, and the so-called economic speed means that when the motorcycle runs at this constant speed, the fuel consumption of the vehicle is the lowest, and the consumption of the vehicle is also the lowest.

      For driving safety, the speed of 60km/h can well cope with some unexpected situations, providing a powerful prerequisite for vehicle speed reduction.

     Secondly, the road conditions for a motorcycle this speed is also the most reasonable, so in not only can complete the daily journey, but also to save fuel, but also to improve the safety of the situation, what reason to exceed this speed, to run all the way?

     So the long distance motorcycle journey at 60km/h is suitable for most motorcycle riders. But it is not invariable, must change according to the actual situation at any time, because mo brigade it is a personalized activity, if once dogmatize will lose the fun, only this suggestion speed is relatively more reasonable. Fellow motorists, do you think this speed is reasonable? Comments are welcome.