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When these 10 situations occur on the motorcycle, it means that the fuel consumption will increase!
Release date:2020.02.25

Tire wear

The tire is the key component of the motorcycle, which affects many points, not only the normal travel, but also the fuel consumption.

Check whether the tire wear exceeds the specified value. When the tire wear is too big, friction will make the tire slip, consumption of gasoline, when necessary, can be replaced with a new tire.


The tire pressure is low

The distance of coasting in driving (refers to releasing the accelerator pedal) is obviously shortened. The tire should be checked to see if the air pressure meets the specified standard.

When tire pressure changes hour, can appear fuel consumption increase problem, at this point, only need to give tire enough gas, can reach the standard air pressure. Note: do not overinflate, or you will blow the tire!

The car made a noise

Abnormal noise in front and rear wheels. At this point should immediately stop to see if there is a fault in the front and rear wheel bearing and braking system.

Abnormal rotation of the wheel will produce resistance and affect the speed, increase the consumption of gasoline, if there are new parts should be replaced with new parts, to ensure that it can maintain a good state, in order to run normally.

Spark plugs are used too long

The spark plugs used in the vehicle have been used for a long time or more than 30,000 km. Consider replacing the spark plug in time.

Because the spark plug that exceeds service life can make the quantity that ignites drops, cause car to speed up to slow down, idle speed drops not to come down, gas consumption increases apparently.

The exhaust pipe was smoking black

When the exhaust pipe black smoke, fuel consumption increased. Check the carburetor to see if it is too dirty. If the carburetor is too dirty can use carburetor cleaner directly to the carburetor inlet spray, can solve the problem

If there is still black smoke, the carburetor must be taken apart and cleaned.

If the air filter filter heart is too dirty will also appear black smoke phenomenon, make fuel consumption increase. Therefore, the air filter should be replaced or cleaned once every 2 months.

The clutch often slips

Clutch slippage can also increase fuel consumption because the revolution passed from the engine is lost in the clutch. When the engine tachometer can be seen to increase quickly while the speed increases slowly, the clutch can be determined to slip. The solution is to replace the clutch disc, clutch pressure spring.

Insufficient cylinder pressure

When the car travels for twenty or thirty thousand kilometers, there is a shortage of pressure in the cylinder.

At this point, oil consumption will increase significantly, when this kind of failure, the engine needs to overhaul, should be boring cylinder or replace the piston, piston ring.

Cooling problem

If your car has a water-cooled engine, damage to the car's thermostat and thermostat can lower the water temperature. The engine does not operate at low temperatures to its rated temperature, so petrol consumption increases.

The problem can be found by paying attention to whether the display position of the water thermometer is in the normal position. If there is a problem, replace the thermostat and thermostat.

The thickening valve is abnormal

The motorcycle with the starting thickening valve should also check the working status of the electric thickening valve.

If the thickening valve is still in the thickening position after 4-5 minutes after the start of the motorcycle, it should be carefully checked and adjusted. The thickening device of the general car will automatically close after 30 seconds after the start of the motorcycle.

Only in this way can we achieve the effect of starting with concentrated mixture and saving fuel after normal operation.

There is dirt in the air filter

Air filters should be cleaned frequently to keep them clear. Now the motorcycle more use polyurethane foam sponge (a few paper core) type air filter, every 4000 kilometers to clean polyurethane foam filter with gasoline, and oil

With the paper filter, be sure to take it off with compressed air to clean the dust.

Only clean filter center can make enough air into the cylinder to participate in combustion, to achieve the effect of fuel economy.