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Learn these skills, you can make riding a motorcycle more comfortable!
Release date:2020.03.04

Length of clutch/brake lever

If the Angle problem is adjusted well, then look at the problem of distance and length. If the rod is too close to the handlebars, the travel of the rod will be seriously affected. If it is too far away, it will be difficult to control. Nowadays, the pull bars of many models are adjustable. You just need to move the knob to the proper position and then lock it. If your car does not have this function, you can also consider replacing it.

Clutch/brake lever Angle

If you like to put two fingers on the brake lever, you must adjust the Angle of the brake lever, otherwise your wrist will tell your body how painful it can be if the Angle is not right. For the right position, place your hands on the handlebars, with your fingers at the same Angle as your arms.

If your habits are only when the brakes are the finger on the brake lever, the place more important, because in case of emergency, you need to first transfer the fingers from the handlebars to pull rod, if the Angle is not appropriate to your fingers to move more distance to be able to brake lever, this is very dangerous on the highway. Same with clutch bars.


Angle of brake/shift pedal

The right Angle of the brake pedal and gear shift pedal can have a huge impact on the rider's control. The right position can make it completely easy to press the pedal to the bottom, which can be fatal in an emergency.

If you've been cycling for a while and your ankles get tired, that means the pedals aren't at the right Angle and you need to reset them, or if you're still not satisfied, it's back to the question.

Windshield selection

Windscreen is also a key factor affecting riding comfort. Although many models have been equipped with adjustable height windscreen, most entry-level models and some high-end models still need to be adjusted and installed according to the needs of the rider.

For streetcars and sports cars, windshields provide wind protection as well as aerodynamic effects, which can only increase drag. Resistance is a secondary factor for non-recreational riders, and preventing hair from blowing up (riding with a helmet) is the most important. Of course, windshields can be chosen in different shapes, heights and colors.

Foot position

See the car friend on the net is studying the foot pedal position problem, do you also begin to feel oneself seat the foot pedal position also is not suitable?

But don't get too worked up about it. The guys who started studying pedal positions might actually be going to the track to practice.

If you really feel that the foot position is not ideal, you can try the pedal can be slightly adjusted, the cost is not high.

Suspension setting

The same problem, when buying a car in order to chase its performance of the rider really buy a car later found that the original suspension Settings are a little bit too hard for daily use, even if they can tolerate it sitting in the back of the girlfriend or wife may also be unbearable.

If your car's suspension is fully adjustable, it's much easier, just take a few minutes to adjust the test, and keep track of the data for different purposes, allowing for faster switching between track and commute modes. If your car only has a rear suspension that can be pre-loaded, it can only be adjusted for everyday use.

Change the high

Many car models have adjustable seat height, which is a very useful configuration. The rider can easily adjust to a very comfortable height.

After all, the adjustable range of this kind of cushion is very limited, and it is still not perfect for the rider with slightly deviant figure. Therefore, it would be more perfect to find a refit manufacturer to customize a set of cushion with appropriate thickness, and even choose to install products with heating function. This method is also suitable for vehicles without seat height adjustment.

Handlebars at different angles

If your arms are tired after a long ride, you might want to consider whether you need a new handlebar. A handlebar at the right Angle will greatly relieve arm fatigue. In addition, a handlebar with the right Angle and width will also improve the rider's handling of the vehicle.

Before you start looking for a new handlebar on the web, of course, research whether the current handlebar can be slightly bent to change the Angle. After all, it's a no-cost solution. If you really can't, pay attention to the length of the brake and fuel line when choosing a new handlebar.

Rest back

Some cruise models have a rest back in the back seat, but this is for passengers in the back seat. In fact, the backrest of the backseat is idle most of the time. After all, the backseat will not always have passengers, but the rider will certainly be in the car all the time.

If you have a rest back like the back seat, then the long ride will become a more enjoyable thing. Some seat cushions with a front seat rest back have appeared on the market for cruise models.

Handlebar height

There is too little time for riders to really hunker down and experience the fun of a sports car, much of it a daily commute. But a sports car as a commuter car is a very painful thing, the center of the body will be a great deal of the back of the hand to share, obviously this is not a very comfortable position.

If you are not going to change the car, then find another way to change the height of the handlebars to shift your weight back and reduce the force on your arms. There is a kind of gasket on the market that can raise the height of handlebars. It is of different thickness and easy to install. For example, these two gaskets are made by MotoPumps(left) and official Honda (right).