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If the motorcycle exhaust pipe is broken, does it affect the power?
Release date:2020.03.10

As you all know, motorcycle is composed of multiple components, each component and the car has its certain role, only under the condition of intact, can fully play their role, while for motorcycle exhaust pipe is also very important, it mainly is the inside of the engine exhaust fumes, reduce stress, avoid to produce noise. As you can see, the exhaust pipe has many USES, so it is also very critical, but if the exhaust pipe is broken, will it affect the power of the motorcycle? Check it out.


The answer is no, in general, the exhaust pipe is broken, it will not affect the dynamic performance of the motorcycle. The exhaust pipe is composed of exhaust manifold, muffler and pipe, and its damage has nothing to do with the power of the motorcycle. The power of the motorcycle is mainly from the engine produced by the force, so the power is determined by the engine piston travel and the number of cylinders, and the exhaust pipe is just the engine work produced by the exhaust gas to the exhaust, so it will not affect the power. On the contrary, if the exhaust pipe is rotten, it is more conducive to motorcycle exhaust.

Many people feel strange, because if there is no exhaust pipe, the motorcycle in the exhaust will be more smooth, there is no resistance, so the vehicle mobility is better, exhaust gas is more smooth, the exhaust gas in the cylinder will be removed more clean, so the power will be much stronger. But the exhaust pipe also has the function of eliminating noise. If the exhaust pipe is broken, it will be louder.

Also known as a muffler assembly, the exhaust pipe on a motorcycle looks like a single steel pipe, but the internal structure is very complex, usually consisting of two parts. When the engine produces exhaust gas and noise, it will first pass through the exhaust pipe of the front section, and then pass through the noise elimination and noise reduction treatment, it will be discharged from the exhaust pipe of the rear end. After this filtration, the noise generated by the motorcycle during riding will become much less, so there will be no impact on the surrounding environment. However, if the exhaust pipe is used for a long time and rusts and rots, the muffler will no longer be able to filter, and the exhaust gas and noise will come out directly.

Motorcycle exhaust pipe rotten will not affect performance, also won't increase the car's fuel consumption at the same time, because it is in the process of engine combustion basic will do little, but to have certain influence to the exhaust valve is, especially after the front rotten, the exhaust valve is prone to wear and tear, lead to the shortened lifespan, so in order to exhaust the door and reduce the noise of the car, the best will change as soon as possible.