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Motorcycle displacement must be strong?
Release date:2020.03.10

Is also a small displacement of the curved girder vehicle, for example, we will feel its actual performance is different, some models may be very weak, the weak will be useless, but some models of torque and speed, you will have to force it in addition to vehicle performance difference, and personal feeling and the reference object also has a direct relationship.

For another example, the aprilha sports car in the figure above has a displacement of only 150cc. However, in actual riding, it is obvious that you will feel the push-back feeling and smooth acceleration performance, while some large displacement models will not have this feeling. The difference is mainly related to the positioning of the vehicle and the adjustment of power. So it's not as if bigger cars don't have meat.

The GW250 is a very practical straddle motorcycle. The only thing it lacks is the power performance. Many drivers will say that it is more powerful. The reason is that the car's lightweight control, and the power of the adjustment does not emphasize performance.

From the above examples, it can be seen that the main factors determining the dynamic performance of common displacement models are the positioning and power adjustment of the models. Although displacement plays a certain role, it is not the key factor.


But in the large displacement locomotive above was completely different, obviously the bigger the displacement performance will be more apparent, this is mainly because of such models will be biased towards the functional show, they will more care about the vehicle's speed, power and torque output, so for these vehicles emissions is king, if a 900 cc motorcycle, you can feel its tender meat is Lord also said, it means that your driving skills are not suitable for playing a motorbike.

To sum up, the key factor of motorcycle dynamic performance is not meat, mainly models positioning and dynamic adjustment, especially for small cars, adjusting the factors will play a key role here, as long as the engine working towards radical, its dynamic performance is not meat, 150 cc can still do get down 250 cc, so for these vehicles emissions is king, also want to see the power set-up.

Power, of course, not the standard of meat and there will be a lot of meat, such as low performance, hundred kilometers acceleration, vehicle speed show are criteria, but it is more a driver riding experience actually, so it and the reference object or for the performance of the standard model also has the certain relations, so the car emissions is not an, motorcycle meat is not the only standard.

So as long as we can feel that its dynamic performance meets our use needs in the actual riding, it is strong, but a mountain will be higher than a mountain, when it meets the strong, it is weak.